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Why I prefer Secret RF over other microneedling devices: Doctor explains

October 25, 2021

Gone are the days where treatments such as fractional lasers and chemical peels dominated the aesthetics scene. Today, it’s all about “radiofrequency” and “microneedling” to treat an array of conditions, including stretchmarks and cellulite, acne and acne scars. 

Almost every clinic in Singapore is marketing this technique, claiming the device they carry is the best. As a consumer, I get it can be confusing. 

With so many types of microneedling brands out there – which one should you choose? At Ozhean Zoey, I personally only use Secret RF even though there are so many other RF devices out there, and for good reason, which I’ll talk about later.

What is RF microneedling and its mechanism?

RF microneedling uses tiny needles along with radiofrequency (RF) energy in order to rejuvenate the skin1. It creates microwounds in the skin that trigger the production of capillaries, elastin and collagen. The skin that grows back is thicker and smoother, helping with a variety of skin problems such as:

Why should you choose Secret RF?

Secret RF uses a 2MHz bi-polar radiofrequency and delivers this RF energy precisely at adjustable depths ranging from 0.5mm to 3.5mm using ultra-fine gold-plated microneedles. These patented microneedles are able to make contact with the skin without any bruising or bleeding, and hence there is almost no downtime at all. 

Secret RF also has various modes and at a higher heat setting, it is able to stimulate fibroblasts in both subdermal and dermal layers for effective skin remodelling. The device also comes with adjustable handpieces and treatment tips, so it is suitable for all skin types. Even darker skin2 can be treated without the worry of side effects such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I’ve had great success treating patients with darker skin tones. 

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How does Secret RF compare with other RF devices?

There are a number of RF devices out there in the market. Secret RF is one of the newer technologies and hence boasts more benefits. 

Some RF microneedling devices are fractional while others are non-fractional. For the non-fractionated approach, bulk heating is used without precision for exact placement of the heat. This means there are opportunities for errors in depth of penetration and temperature control. This bulk heating could be too superficial, leading to burns or pigmentation changes, or too deep, leading to fat loss. The dermis needs exact heating for stimulation of collagen production, which can only be done in a fractional manner. Hence, opting for fractional technology will be your best bet. 

The microneedles of each device are capable of being adjusted to different modes to change the penetration depth into the skin. Of course, deeper scars would require deeper penetration, while naturally thinner areas would normally work well with more superficial penetration. It really depends on what your skin problems are, and the doctor will personalise your treatment accordingly. 

As for the duration of the procedure, Secret RF is the clear winner, with a total time of only 15 to 20 minutes, unlike the usual 30 to 45 minutes for most of the other treatments. Some can even take up to an hour or more! In my opinion, that is way too long. 

When choosing an aesthetic treatment, patients usually look for 3 things: 

  1. How effective is this treatment in bringing results?
  2. How long is each treatment session, is it going to be tedious aka is it a lunchtime treatment? 
  3. Does this treatment require a long downtime? 

Most patients are busy working individuals who can only pop in for treatments during their lunch hour — hence why many modern aesthetic procedures are marketed as “lunchtime treatments”. These treatments should only take 30 minutes tops AND allow them to go back to work and resume their regular activities after. Simply put, patients do not have the time to spend an hour or more at the clinic with additional downtime — which is what most present (and older) RF devices require.


Secret RF only requires 1 to 3 treatment sessions with intervals of 1 month to see the effects. There is barely any downtime, and minimal discomfort with a numbing cream applied. Its side effects are minor and will go away within 24 hours. 

Here is a comparison table that clearly differentiates Secret RF from other microneedling RF devices. 


Secret RF






Key technology 

Fractional RF

Fractional RF

Fractional RF

Fractional RF 


Fractional RF 

Gold tip (for less pain) 




Yes (gold coated)

Tiger tip 



0.5 - 3.5mm

Up to 2mm

0.5 - 3.5mm

Up to 4mm

0.5 - 4mm

0.5 - 5mm

Duration of procedure

15 - 20min

40 - 45min

30min - 2h

20 - 45mins

30 - 45min

30 - 45min

Number of treatments needed

for noticeable results

1 – 3

1 - 3

1 - 2 for mild scars 

4 - 8 for severe scars 

1 - 6 

1 - 4 

5 - 6 

Interval between treatments 

3 - 4 weeks 

2 - 3 months 

2 - 3 months 

3 - 4 weeks, with longer intervals for maintenance

6 weeks 

1 - 2 weeks 


Little to none 

24 hours

1 - 5 days 

Little to none

5 days 

Little to none


Minimal discomfort with numbing cream 

Painful with numbing cream 

Mild discomfort (mild stings) with numbing cream 

Minimal discomfort with numbing cream 

Mild discomfort (mild stings) with numbing cream 

Minimal discomfort with numbing cream 

Side effects 


Minor swelling 

Skin irritation 



Pinpoint bleeding 

Dry and flaky skin 

Risk of Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation




Warm sensation 





Pinpoint bleeding 

Warm sensation


Warm sensation 


$800 - $1200 

$200 - $300

$850 - $2500 

$500 - $800 

$1200 - $1500


As you can see, Secret RF is not the cheapest option, neither is it the most expensive. A mistake people often make is to go for the cheaper packages, but there is usually a good reason why it is so cheap in the first place. Cheaper options often come with more pain, more side effects and are less effective.

This is also not to say that you must definitely choose the most expensive one. While expensive treatments may offer higher quality, the outcome of the treatment ultimately still depends on the skill of your doctor. In my opinion, Secret RF is good because it’s on the middle ground – not too costly yet still of high standard. 

Read to find out how Secret RF treats ageing and acne scars. 

Do you have any questions for me regarding Secret RF or microneedling in general? I am more than happy to answer them!


  1. Alessa, D., & Bloom, J. D. (2020). Microneedling Options for Skin Rejuvenation, Including Non-temperature-controlled Fractional Microneedle Radiofrequency Treatments. Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America, 28(1), 1–7. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fsc.2019.09.001
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