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Temple Filler Treatment in Singapore

The ageing process will cause volume and fat loss in the temples, giving them a hollow, sunken appearance. The temples are what you can find on either side of the forehead, near the eyes.

Dermal fillers may be the simplest way to make up for the volume loss in the temple area. These may be strategically placed to raise the volume of the temples and give them a more youthful appearance. In certain cases, adding filler substances to the temples not only rejuvenates the face but also improves the overall look.


Volume loss in our temples can be compensated for with temple fillers. Our temples are positioned on the sides of our faces, right above our noses. Our temples lose volume and structural stability as we get older. This causes the temples to hollow out, giving them a sunken, aged look. Sunken, hollowing temples will make you seem older than you are. Temple filler injections will effectively compensate for this volume loss.


Dermal fillers in the temples are generally risk-free or safe and can be used for a number of purposes. However, owing to the number of vessels and types of vessels present, your temples are one of the most anatomically complex places to inject.

A single incorrect injection technique in the blood vessels near the eyes will result in blindness. Before deciding on whether to get temple fillers or not, make sure you and your healthcare provider are aware of and discuss any possible risks. Here’s what to expect after getting dermal fillers injected into your temples.

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Reduces wrinkles

Many dermal fillers will plump up the skin and add bulk to the temple region. This would help to smooth out your skin and reduce lines across your temples, eye area, and forehead area. Since hyaluronic acid is generated naturally in your body, it is ideal for this use. This means the body will re-absorb it without inducing toxicity, and the effects can last at least a year.

Increases skin firmness

There are some dermal filler substances the triggers the development of natural fibres in your body, which will help regenerate the fat in your temples. They will tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and give it a more youthful appearance.

Poly-L-lactic acid is an example of a dermal filler that will spontaneously promote the production of collagen in your skin, which results in a more natural firmness and wrinkle reduction.

Fills in hollow temples (Improves volume loss)

When you get older, the volume in your temples disappears, leaving you with a hollowing appearance (known as temple hollows) due to the lack of natural collagen and other essential fibres. Hyaluronic acid and other dermal fillers can help fill in these hollows and add volume to the temples and brow area.

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In general, Temple fillers or dermal fillers are reversible or temporary, unlike surgical remedies that are permanent. This primarily means that if you don’t like the results from your temple treatment procedure, you’ll just have to wait patiently until your skin goes back to the way it looks. These temple fillers can last anywhere from 6 months to several years until they need to be redone. This may be a disadvantage for others, but it may be beneficial if you are uncomfortable with your looks or the side effects.

If you want to create different appearances, you can adjust the amount of filler or the exact location of the filler at different appointments until you’re completely comfortable with the outcome.


Temple filler procedures primarily have the same procedure as forehead fillers. The doctor can either use hyaluronic acid (HA), collagen, or other dermal filler content depending on the patient’s preferences. HA, a common compound present in the body, is used to make dermal fillers. For the injection, the best kind of dermal filler with the right viscosity and thickness will be used.

To begin the fillers treatment on the temple areas, the doctors will first apply a numbing cream. A basic technique of 1-2 tiny injections of temple filler each hand is used to rejuvenate the areas of the face and temples. To fill up a sunken temple area, on average, 1-2cc of filler will be needed, depending on the amount of tissues that was lost.


Temple filler injections in a Singapore clinic costs around $600 to $1000 per syringe. The cost of injections varies greatly depending on the dermal filler used, the seriousness of the skin condition, how many vials are used, and the doctor’s experience.


Cosmetic treatments like laser treatments, fat transfer procedures, a facelift, or treatments for contours on the body or face areas all have their own collection of side effects, which are mostly minor and temporary. Swelling and bruising are common side effects that occur when a blood vessel is damaged or injured during the operation. After 4 to 7 days, the patient should expect the swelling and bruises to go down. It is safer to postpone such tasks when recovering from recovery in order to avoid extending the downtime.

However, there are some rare major side effects, such as vessel occlusion, that people should have knowledge about. Skin necrosis on the face or blindness is caused by vessel occlusion. This can happen when a dermal filler substance is inserted into a major blood vessel, resulting in a blocked blood vessel. Thankfully, this rarely happens when you have the treatment done in a certified clinic like Ozhean Zoey Clinic in Singapore.

Face filler injections in the temples or a temple filler treatment will last anywhere from 12 to 16 months. There are some variables that influence the period of results. The filler material, the seriousness of the skin disorder, and the patient’s lifestyle all influence how long the results last.

A patient should be aware that filler treatments are not reversible, which is why physicians consider getting them performed on a regular basis to keep the results. This, however, is one benefit for those who are only looking for a temporary rejuvenation fix. Filler compounds are absorbed or broken down by the body, which is why they are not lasting. Fillers, on the other hand, can last longer if you live a healthy lifestyle.

The pain of dermal filler injections (filler placement) in the face is mainly tolerable, especially in the presence of a gentle and skilled doctor. Our doctor frequently adds an ice pack to the injection site before each injection to reduce the chance of bruising and pain.
Patients are recommended to stop face massages and alcohol consumption for two weeks after their filler procedure. In addition, patients should refrain from engaging in strenuous sports or workouts.

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