Facelift Singapore

Facelift Treatments, either non-surgical facelifts or facelift surgery, are popular aesthetic treatments that many men and women seek in Singapore.  Let’s face it, our face sag, and we develop skin laxity as we age.  As a result, we develop smiles, jowls and sad lines (or marionette lines), and even loose skin under the chin and neck.  In our quest to look younger and fresher, we seek treatments that will distinctly lift up the sagging skin areas.  With the advent of a facelift without any surgery method, more and more patients are considering such options because of the lower risks.


Facelift treatments are aesthetic treatments or procedures that help to lift up the sagging areas of the face, resulting in a younger, fresher appearance.   They are broadly divided into surgical and non-surgical facelifts.  Non-surgical facelifts are divided into invasive and non-invasive categories.  To better understand the myriad facelift treatment procedure in Singapore, let’s first understand how our face ages.

How does our face sag with age?

The common perception is that we all lose collagen on the skin mainly on the face including the eye area with age.  Do you know the collagen loss also occurs in our fat layer?    Notice in the diagram (on the right most), how the smile lines of the woman start to deepen and eyebags bulge out at 30s, but skin changes such as wrinkles only appear at 50s.  Notice also how the fat parts of the face start to get smaller and droop with age.Therefore, to treat the sagging face, just skin tightening alone is inadequate, Face lifting of the fat pads are needed.  The diagram below shows aging signs that come with drooping fat pads.

Distinct Facial Jowls

The superficial fat pads of the jowl compartment (see diagram above) sags with age. As a result, the line(s) at the sides of the lips run deeper to the jaw. This makes the mouth look sadder and the bottom half of the face more U shaped.

Jowls respond very well with face lifting with threads. Other non-invasive treatment options like a laser skin resurfacing procedure can also lift the jowl areas, although the outcomes are milder each session. If there is excessive heavy fats in the jowls, they can be reduced with AGNES treatment.

Distinct Smile Lines

The superficial fat pads, known as nasolabial fat pads (of the cheeks), sag with aging. This creates an obvious smile line(s) that are a quintessential sign of someone looking above their 40s.

Smile lines can be treated successfully with thread lifting, HIFU, and AGNES reduction of the fat pads. Fillers also yield a visible difference in outcomes; however, their effects are only of a certain duration.

Sagging Neck with Neck Lines

The sure sign of telling someone’s age is actually not on the face.  It’s at the neck.  The superficial muscles (platysma), the superficial fat layer and the skin loses collagen with age.  As a result the neck skin drapes down, and many visible neck wrinkles ensue.

Saggy neck (turkey neck) and neck lines are best treated with thread lifting, which yields the most distinct outcomes.  HIFU, needle RF or a long pulse laser treatment will help with skin tightening.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatments

Non-surgical facelifts are aesthetic treatments that lifts and rejuvenates the face and correct the effects of sagging due to aging without the need to undergo surgical methods. They can be divided into minimally invasive and non-invasive categories, which we will explore in detail below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Surgical Facelifts

The distinct advantages of a facelift without surgery is that there are no risks associated with surgery and anaesthesia, including large incision scars, long recoveries (for both anaesthesia and surgery) often associated with facial swellings and bruising and higher complication risks. These treatments are an in-office procedure, typically treatments of short duration.Nevertheless, surgical facelifts still yield the most dramatic facial changes and outcomes which can last long.

Non-surgical Office procedure Results range from subtle to distinct improvement
Fast Duration of treatments depend on the treatment
Quick recovery
No surgery or anaesthesia risks
Surgical Distinct, dramatic results Risk of scarring
Yields better results for older patients >60s. Long recovery
More ideal for severe skin laxity

Different Types of Non Surgical Face Lift in Singapore

To decide on the relevant non-surgical face lift in Singapore, there are several factors to consider.

Age and severity of facial laxity.

As we age more, our facial laxity worsens. For a patient aged from 30 to 50 years old, it is still worthwhile to consider a laser skin resurfacing treatment with mild lifting results like High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments. Multiple sessions of these will build up collagen in the tissues and slow down the effects of aging. However, for clients 60s and above, a mild lifting treatment procedure may not yield visible outcomes and should be considered as an adjunct treatment procedure. For such clients, volumisation with fillers, fillers lift, or threads lift should be considered for muscle tissue improvements and for a credible lifting outcome.

Pain threshold and impression of invasive procedures.

Most minimally invasive procedures such as fillers, and face threading are safe procedures and excellent recoveries. Most of our clients find these procedures quite tolerable. However not all of them are comfortable with the option of invasive procedures. In addition, clients with a low pain threshold have to decide on the option of oral sedation for a minimally invasive non-surgical facelift procedure.


For those who have volume loss (fat loss) on the face mainly in their temples, cheeks, and forehead due to aging or weight/muscle loss or those who already have such features since their youth, it will be advised to consider volumisation with fillers. Why so? This is because our skin is supported by our facial fats. Low volume and amount of facial fats make us look gaunt and older. The skin is also more lax due to poor skin tissues support resulting in wrinkles. Restoring or creating this volume in the fats compartment has a very visible rejuvenative result on the face and distinct face lifting result.

The end result.

It is important for both the aesthetic physician and the patient to determine the severity of skin laxity and facial sagging (fat pad sagginess) and also the end results that are satisfactory to the patient. Does the patient wish to achieve a mild, medium or strong face lift?

A comparison of the various non-surgical facelift procedures


Lifting Results

Pain Score

Duration of results


Radiofrequency Mild No pain Short To +++

(depending on brand)

HIFU Mild to Medium Minimal pain

Initial results due to tissue heat disappear in weeks.

End result seen in 3 months which lasts years.

Dermalift Mild to Medium Minimal pain 2-4 months +
Fillers (volumisation) Medium Mild to moderate 12 to 18 months ++ to +++
Agnes Lift Medium Moderate 24 months or more ++
Fillers Lift Medium Mild to moderate 12 to 18 months ++
Thread lift (OZ lift) Strong Mild to moderate 6 months to 24 months

(depending on thread)


= non-invasive non-surgical treatment options
= minimally invasive treatment options

A comparison of the various non-surgical facelift procedures

= non-invasive non-surgical treatment options
= minimally invasive treatment options

Radiofrequency (non-invasive)

Non-invasive radiofrequency treatments, as the above diagram shows, can only heat up the skin to a maximum of 55 degree Celsius (provided topical anaesthesia is applied prior otherwise most patients will experience pain after 45 degrees Celsius).  In addition, it cannot penetrate  deeper than the skin, and therefore its effect is mainly at the level of the skin and not the fatty layer.  There is also a difference between monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency devices (bipolar radiofrequency targets superficial skin while monopolar penetrates deep to target the deep support layer of the skin).  What that means in terms of the result is that skin tightening can be achieved but not face lifting.  Examples of medical grade radiofrequency devices is thermage.


HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment procedure, as the name implies, administers focused high-intensity ultrasound energy into the fat layer of the face. What is unique about ultrasound waves compared to radiofrequency waves is that they have deeper penetration and therefore target the fat layer. Temperatures in the fats can be raised as high as 60-70 degrees celsius. At such temperatures, fats are not coagulated, and only mild lipolysis occurs. However, because of the heat shock proteins released, collagen is stimulated. So it is more accurate to say HIFU causes fat contraction rather than fat lipolysis. Therefore with sufficient heat stimulus, collagen tissue in the fat layer of the face increases with each treatment procedure, and over multiple sessions, a noticeable lift can be noticed for the face.

Agnes Radiofrequency Lift (Minimally Invasive Radiofrequency)

Needle-less radiofrequency devices such as thermage can only deliver RD energy to the skin and are not able to penetrate the fats (since most of the energy is absorbed by the skin).  Needle radiofrequency devices, and Agnes in particular, have this clear advantage: they can deliver precise RF energy at precise depths to the deep skin and the fats.  In addition, because it can bypass the skin to deliver RF heat to the fat, it also raises temperatures high enough to 80 degrees Celsius.  At such temperatures, the fats break down, and there is lipolysis.  Also, more collagen stimulation and contraction are expected. Agnes also targets the skin to precisely less than 60 degrees to stimulate collagen formation for skin tightening.  At such temperatures, local anaesthesia is needed for a comfortable procedure.


Distinct Results
With Agnes Radiofrequency treatment, distinct results are seen each session with visible skin tightening, lifting and resolution of smile and jowl lines.
No Surgical risks and surgical face lift complications


Recovery from Agnes lifting is typically a day of mild skin redness.

FIT LIFT with Fillers

Fillers lifting is also a popular procedure in Ozhean Zoey.  It is done in minutes, and with minimal discomfort.

  1. Swift procedure
  2. Excellent recovery
  3. Offers a medium natural lift

At the bio aesthetic points, the points of injection are safe with minimal risk of complications.  There is a very low risk of bruising it should resolve swiftly.


Filler face lifting starts from $900 onwards.

For more details on filler lifting do read about it in our services page.

Ozhean Zoey’s threadlifting

Thread Lifting procedure is one of the key services in Ozhean Zoey in creating a distinct clinic facelift with good satisfaction for our clients.  Why many of our clients opt for this is because they produce the strongest non-surgical facelift procedures and yet have an excellent recovery and low down time.  Find out more in our thread lift page.

Benefits of Non-surgical Facelift Singapore

Surgical facelift procedure will offer the most dramatic and distinct face lifting result.  Although non-surgical face’s can still offer visible outcomes with good patient satisfaction.  Results include improvement and resolution of smile/ jowl lines, skin elasticity, reduction of wrinkles and skin tightening.

  1. A surgical facelift procedure in Singapore cost $10,000 or more depending on the complexity.  While the cost of facelifts without surgery methods ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars, making them more affordable
  2. Good recovery with minimal down time.    Most of the procedures mentioned are lunch time procedures with clients able to resume work after.
  3. Less discomfort.  Non-surgical treatments have mostly comfortable procedures with topical or local anaesthesia.
  4. Less risks compared to surgery and there is no sedation related risks
  5. Most surgical facelift procedures are swift office procedures.

How much does facelift cost in Singapore?

Surgical facelifts in Singapore costs $10,000 or more depending on the complexity.  Non-surgical facelifts ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars, making them more affordable.


How long does a non-surgical facelift last?

How long does a non-surgical facelift last?

Non-surgical face lift lasts from months to years (see chart above).   In Ozhean Zoey, we are mindful to deliver the face lifting results that lasts up to our clients’ satisfaction

What is the most effective non surgical face lift?

What is the most effective non surgical face lift?

Comparing all procedures, face thread lifting offers the most superior facelift results.