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Our eye wrinkles tell about our age more than any other features in our face. They also make us look tired, especially when we smile. Contrary to belief, the twinkle in your eyes does not have to have lines. Eye wrinkles can be easily treated. Let us understand how these folds and lines form.


Do you know that wrinkles can occur as early as the early twenties? This is particularly the case with sun-damaged skin. Let us take a look at the two types of wrinkles (with distinct, separate treatments):

Dynamic Wrinkles

Our eyes are draped with eye muscles that give our eyes expressions of our emotions. For some of us, when we smile, the overactive muscles contract and pull in the surrounding skin to create noticeable lines that make us look tired and aged. These are called “dynamic” wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles occur as early as the twenties.

Static Wrinkles

As a result of sun exposure and aging, collagen is lost from the thin skin around the eyes. In addition, as a result of constant expressions and muscle activity around the eyes, the skin starts to form cracks. These are called static wrinkles. A successful eye wrinkle treatment is to address both active and static wrinkles.


Ever wonder why eye wrinkles are not absent for some but very prominent in others? Do certain races have fewer eye wrinkles and dark circles compared to others? Why do some have smile lines and wrinkles in their twenties while others appear to be eye wrinkle-free in their fifties? The answer to these questions lies in understanding the various causes of eye wrinkles.

UV Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is one of the biggest causes of skin aging and loss of collagen. This leads to leathery skin, sun-related pigmentation problems such as sun-spots, liver spots etc. Long term exposure also leads to an increased risk of skin cancer. Excessive UV radiation, therefore, leads to the early formation of static lines around the eye area.


Smoking leads to increased oxidative stress to the skin, which breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin. There are also blood circulation issues because the skin vessels become constricted. All these lead to the thinning of the skin and formation of lines around the eye area.

Facial Expressions

Our eyes move and change along with the various facial expressions. Hence over-active expressions around the eyes can lead to excessive folding of the skin leading to active and static wrinkles. This can be easily treated with botulinum or Dysport treatments.


As the skin around the eyes is thinner than other areas of the face, it is also the area of the skin that folds and forms lines easily. Which means that as we age, one of the earliest parts of the face that form wrinkles are the eyes. For some individuals, the skin around the eyes is also thinner compared to others which means lines form at an earlier age for them. There are inter-racial differences in skin thickness around the eyes, i.e. typically Asian skin is thicker compared to caucasian skin. That means Caucasians probably have an earlier onset of lines around the eyes compared to Asians.


The strategy for a successful eye wrinkle treatment in Singapore is simple. For the active lines and wrinkles, it will mean reducing the over-activity of the eye expression muscles. In addition, thickening the skin also reduces the folds around the eyes when we have expressions. The skin can be thickened either with a booster injection or with Secret RF treatment.

Static wrinkles, on the other hand, respond very well to fillers. Collagen stimulation with collagen stimulation devices such as Secret RF helps to replenish the lost collagen with aging also reduces static wrinkles. Now, some of us may still want to go for simple, in-home under eye wrinkle treatment to treat their lines in the eye area potentially. And how can they do that? Well, it’s best that you stock up your diet with foods that contain a good amount of vitamin c and amino acids.

Vitamin C not only boosts collagen, but it also helps keep your immune system strong. You can also obtain vitamin c through face creams, eye creams or serums. Look for skin care products that have the said nutrients if you want to halt the early signs of ageing. Products like retinol eye cream is a popular skincare product. Make sure to go for brands that experts recommend. Another in-home eye remedy you can try is to gently massage your face, especially the eye area (don’t forget the upper eyelid skin!) while using argan oil.

Unfortunately, these home remedies will only help improve skin cells and not totally get rid of the lines. If you’re looking for the best remedy for your problem, professional help is your best bet.

Baby Skin Boosting (or Zoey Skin)

Fancy a baby skin? Baby skin-boosting or 婴儿针 is a popular skin booster remedy. It consists of various components such as rejuran, hyaluronic acid, Dysport and others. Each clinic has its own proprietary cocktail of ingredients.

In Ozhean Zoey, baby skin-boosting is known as ZOEY SKIN. Let’s explore the two key components of Zoey Skin which is rejuran and hyaluronic acid and what it does:


Rejuran treatment became very popular in Singapore 4-5 years back in 2016. It contains Polynucleotides (PN) which are DNA fragments extracted and purified from salmon. It is understood that salmon DNA is very similar to human DNA, and polynucleotides have strong healing and collagen stimulation properties on the skin. Its effects are very comparable to the effects of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in skin healing, rejuvenation and even hair restoration. That is why rejuran is often known as a “healer”.

What are the benefits of Rejuran?

  • Reduces pores
  • Enhances collagen content
  • Improves skin elasticity and texture (healthier skin cells)
  • Resolves fine lines
  • Restores skin hydration

As you can see, rejuran is a good remedy to improve the skin around the eyes, and it only has minimal side effects like mild swelling which subsides within a day. However, the improvement is rather subtle from our clinical experience and requires several sessions to see a visible improvement. That is why for more visible results in each session, it is ideal to combine it with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance of the skin, and it is responsible for retaining hydration. With aging, we lose both hyaluronic acid and collagen on the skin, making it dryer and thinner.

Replenishing the hyaluronic acid in the skin, therefore, enhances the skin’s hydration, which also makes it thicker and more plump. Synthetic hyaluronic acid for injections typically comes in two forms, either cross-linked (longer duration ) or non-crosslinked (shorter duration).

For skin injections, it is important to avoid cross-linked hyaluronic acid as they will create persistent bumps in the skin.


Botulinum or Dysport is a popular remedy to relax the overactive eye muscles so that the lines do not show as much. It is the most direct treatment for active wrinkles. What most of us do not know is that regular Dysport treatments actually help to prevent static wrinkles. That is because by regularly and consistently relaxing the eye expression muscles, the skin around the eyes fold less often and has significantly less stress than untreated eyes. This helps to delay the onset of static wrinkles. There is a long term study done on twins for which one of the twins received botulinum treatment while the other did not. Lines around the eyes of the treated twin were significantly less compared to the untreated twin.

However, it is ideal for a satisfying Dysport experience to have it done by a trained doctor. That is because he/she will know the accurate dosage and where to administer it. Overdose of Dysport and having Dysport at the wrong areas around the eye will yield unnatural results and may interfere with your natural facial expressions.

Secret RF Wrinkles Treatment

Secret RF is one of the most unique needle radiofrequency that delivers precise energy with precise pulse and duration control of radiofrequency energy to target the skin around the eyes.

The temperatures raised are even higher than other monopolar radiofrequency devices such as thermage. As a result, it strongly stimulates collagen in the skin around the eyes and distinctly reduces the lines there.  We have a portfolio of clinic cases treated with Secret RF eye wrinkles treatment and will be happy to show it to you during the consultation, which MOH otherwise prohibits to show it here.

Filler Wrinkles Treatment

While Zoey Skin Treatments thickens and moisturises the skin around the eyes, filler wrinkles treatment is targetted around the eyes, specifically deposits fillers exactly at where the eye wrinkles are. The filler products will “lift up” the skin cracks or the wrinkles, and each wrinkle can reduce more than 50%.

This is a very satisfying remedy because instantly, the eyes appear fresh and rejuvenated and with minimal downtime or bruising. Typically our doctors will use a soft hyaluronic acid filler product to reduce the lines around the eyes. The result lasts from 6-9 months.


You can get rid of under eye wrinkles with home remedies or cosmetic treatments, depending on its severity. Those with minor lines can go for home remedies such as placing a piece of cucumber on each eye or putting on eye mask products. Go for products like retinol that are safe for the eyes especially the upper eyelid skin. Retinol is a product that a lot of aesthetic doctors love to recommend as it stimulates collagen effectively. But for severe cases and for faster results, it’s best to opt for cosmetic procedures like Fillers or Agnes eye wrinkle treatment.

By addressing the actual cause of wrinkles will help the doctors in Ozhean Zoey prescribe the right eye treatment for you. Good questions to ask before deciding on a treatment program with us are:

  1. Do my eyes look tired?
  2. Is the skin around my eyes dry and thin?
  3. Do my eyes look better when I smile or not?

That will depend on whether you are looking for a short term booster treatment or a more long term sustained result. In our opinion, Agnes wrinkles treatment yields the best long term results for both static and active wrinkles. However, Dysport still works best to offer a quick solution to active wrinkles. Whereas, baby skin or zoeyskin treatments, gives the instant boost to the skin that yields visible results for static wrinkles fast.

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