Chin Augmentation Singapore

Chin augmentation procedures in Singapore is probably one of the commonest facial augmentation treatments among aesthetic clinics. Facial features such as a defined well-shaped chin and the lips are the key defining attributes of beauty for the lower face.    Chin augmentation surgery (augmentation mentoplasty) or chin surgery, involves the insertion of chin implants (either silicone implant or gore-tex implants) and genioplasty, a popular plastic surgery treatment in Singapore.   However the advent of injectable fillers, non-surgical chin augmentation has largely replaced surgery as the prevalent procedure for chin augmentation.  The reason being is that chin fillers is a non-surgical, minimally invasive office procedure. When it is performed by a seasoned aesthetic doctor, the procedure duration will only take minutes.  There is minimal downtime or recovery required and has significantly less risk compared to a chin surgical procedure namely genioplasty.

Who needs chin augmentation?

Facial Beauty is about the correct balance and symmetry of the facial features and face structure.  A beautiful chin is one that blends in with the lower jaw (with no gaps) and one that matches the nose.  That’s right, our eyes naturally look into the midline of someone else’s face, and therefore the nose and the chin has to match in terms of their height and projection.Our doctors in Ozhean Zoey are all imbued with a strong sense of facial aesthetics to assess symmetry, balance, and proportion of facial features like the chin bone.  We have a strong sense of the beautiful end result we wish to sculpt, and hence we see results that we sculpt because we sculpt the result that we see.

Receding Chin

A small or receding chin can give a simplistic appearance to the face and make it appear chubby.  On the other hand, a sharp projected chin is a beautiful facial feature.  It can be masculine in appearance when it is U-shaped.  Whereas a tapered V-shaped chin is more feminine in appearance.One thing is certain is that most of our patients who have undergone chin augmentation treatments are satisfied at how their new chin has added distinct and natural beauty to their face.  Their confidence boost is evident to all. Contact us to inquire about our services.

Protruding Chin

A protruding chin might make the jawline appear too strong and masculine.  For mild protrusion, an injectable filler above the chin (below the lips) may reduce the appearance of the chin protrusion.  For more overt chin protrusion, reduction genioplasty or chin reduction surgery are to be considered to sculpt a chin that matches the rest of the facial features.

Types of Chin Augmentation Singapore

Ozhean Zoey’s skincare treatments and the PICOMAX program was developed from the wealth of knowledge from Ozhean’s years of aesthetic dermatology experience.  Ozhean aesthetic clinic have enjoyed a good patient satisfaction rate of 85% thus far. Each treatment was designed to deliver the desired therapeutic result with good skin recovery and the least risk of treatment complications.

Chin FIllers

Fillers are a good choice of treatment in augmenting and projecting the chin, without plastic surgery and downtime. Certain aesthetic rules need to be followed so that it sculpts into a beautiful chin that is adequately (but not excessively ) in all angles.Compared to the nose, chin augmentation with fillers is a safer filler treatment area.   There are only very few reports of vascular complications related to a chin filler, and this procedure is generally considered a safe procedure for every patient. It is important to note that choosing the correct type of dermal fillers is crucial in creating a nicely shaped natural chin. Ideally, the chin filler of choice needs to be hard and firm that mimics the jaw bone. Soft fillers tend to look unnatural at the chin.

Chin Augmentation Surgery and Implants

Some chins, such as severely receded chins (micrognathia), are more suited to be augmented with a chin implant which is usually done via surgery.Chin surgery also yields permanent results.Ozhean’s cosmetic surgeons have a wealth of experience that can help our patients achieve their desired chin shape.  Do contact us if you want to find out more about our chin implant procedures and the chin augmentation procedure.

Possible Risks and Complications

Chin augmentation is a relatively safe procedure with very few reports of adverse complications.  Occasionally bruising might be expected which resolves within days.  Asymmetric chins are uncommon in our clinic as our surgeon and doctors strive to distribute the product as evenly and as centrally as possible.  There is always a conscious effort to make the chin blend in naturally to the jawline but also placing the fille product on the lateral (side) chin.Chin surgery’s risks are higher with surgical and anaesthetic risks.  It is best to consult a cosmetic surgeon to understand the full risks involved.

Chin Fit For You

In Ozhean Zoey, we are conscious of creating a chin shape that best fits your appearance.  If it’s too sharp and incongruent to the jawline, it appears exaggerated and fake.  If it’s projected too forward, it will look too witchy.Therefore, in consideration of your face shape, it is important to create a chin that is projected adequately and not excessively; in shaping the chin to look more masculine for males or feminine for females; in creating a chin that is well defined and blends to your jawline.


Why consider getting a chin implant?

Why consider getting a chin implant?

In cases of severe receding chin, only surgery options like chin implant can cosmetically sculpt the desired chin.  In addition, if a patient wishes to have a permanent result and understand the surgical and anaesthetic risks involved, chin augmentation with surgery will certainly be a better option than filler injections.

How long will results last?

How long will results last?

Typically chin fillers done at Ozhean Zoey lasts 1.5 to 2 years. We have refrained from using short term fillers because of the need for frequent repeated injections.