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Pico Laser Singapore

Freckles, sunspots, melasma, and other discolourations on the skin are what we call hyperpigmentations. Skin pigmentation or hyper pigmentation is a disorder that affects the colour of our skin. This happens when skin cells start to weaken and get damaged, leading to irregular production of melanin. These skin issues primarily happen to a lot of people and can happen due to a range of factors, including genetics and overexposure to the sun.

Although these spots and discolourations can appear to be permanent marks on our skin, there are ways we can reduce their appearance at home or in a clinic. But, the ideal option is to seek assistance from a skin specialist. This means that you’ll need to undergo specialised skin treatments like a Pico Laser procedure.

Pico Laser treatments are quite popular in terms of tattoos and skin pigmentation reduction. In fact, celebrities from all over the world are starting to avail themselves of a session or two of Pico Laser treatments. Pico Laser has various types, all of which are created uniquely.  It is controversial whether pico laser is superior to conventional nanosecond Q switched laser in terms of pigmentation removal.  Recent studies have shown pico lasers have better results and less complications in the treatment of tattoos.  There is one recent split face study that show pico lasers have superior results compared to nano lasers in the treatment of Melasma.  However it is a small sample size study and more studies are needed  to verify this.  You can read up more of pico lasers (everything you need to know about pico laser) in our blog section.


Pico Laser or also referred to as Picosecond Laser treatments is a non-invasive treatment that eliminates the appearance of discolourations on the skin. The treatment is called Picosecond Laser because the laser device literally works in pico-seconds, which means a trillionth of seconds.

The treatment works by shattering the melanin or pigmented cells into fine particles which will then get flushed out of the body.

What is Pico Laser for?

Picosecond Laser treatments are quite popular in Asian countries, including Singapore, since we’re more prone to developing hyperpigmentation. Some of the common conditions that Pico lasers can treat include:

  • Redness – Acne marks (red, brown spots and mild acne scars), facial flushing, and rosacea.
  • Skin pigmentations – Tattoos, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), freckles, age spots, Hori’s Nevus, sunspots, and liver spots.
  • Skin rejuvenation – Pore size-reduction
  • Acne scars 

Before embarking on your pigmentation removal journey, it’s best to have a consultation with your dermatologist. This way, they can get the correct diagnosis of your skin condition, which will help them come up with a treatment plan most ideal for you. In some cases, certain skin conditions may require a more in-depth procedure.

Benefits of Pico Laser

Some benefits that Picosecond Lasers provide includes:

Pigmentation Icon
Acne Scars Icon
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Boosts skin collagen production
Fades away acne marks and acne scars
Tightens the skin


To date, Pico Laser has four variations that are widely used in Singapore. Such treatments include PicoPlus, PicoWay, PicoSure, and PICOMAX. All these variations have their unique capabilities but are all effective when carried out by a professional dermatologist. What makes these Picosecond Lasers different from each other are their pulse duration, energy power (laser beams), and wavelengths. At Ozhean Zoey aesthetic clinic, we use PICOMAX as the treatment that provides instant whitening and smoothening results with minimal downtime!

Whether PICOMAX or PicoPlus, all Picosecond Lasers work under the same technology and principle. We always advise people who inquire about our treatments to visit our clinic for a consultation. This is a crucial step as deciding on which Picosecond Laser should be utilised depends on the severity of the skin condition. In regards to the efficacy of the pigment lasers treatment result, factors such as the doctor’s skills and experience, the patient’s skin tone, type, and type of pigmentation are to be considered.


Picosecond Laser is a safe and effective pigmentation removal treatment that surpasses traditional lasers in terms of the said skin condition. Instead of utilising nanosecond pulses like what a Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser uses, Picosecond Laser works in ultra-short 450 picosecond laser pulse duration, which will only deliver minimal heat into the dermis.

As the doctor directs the device to the pigmented area, the laser technology will deliver heat wavelengths (laser light) to break down pigmented cells into small fragments. This then makes it easier for the body’s immune system to dissolve or flush out the pigmented cells. Patients won’t have to worry about discomfort during the treatment procedure as per our previous and continuous patients “The pigmentation treatment is quite tolerable”.


Pico Laser treatments are one of the most sought-after treatments for pigmentation elimination as the procedure doesn’t cause any damage to the surrounding parts of the pigmented lesions. This advantage helps the treatment to directly and continuously focus on eliminating the pigmented cells.

When it comes to tattoo removal, patients are only required to undergo fewer sessions of Pico Laser pigmentation treatments, unlike Q-switched lasers. Also, the risk for hypopigmentation and scarring is reduced with Pico Laser.

For more information about our Pico Laser treatment in Singapore, you can find our contact number on our homepage or contact page so you can give us a call. We are more than happy to help you with your skin concerns!


The cost of Pico Laser in Singapore ranges from $300 to $800 per session. Like what we’ve mentioned earlier, there are different types of Pico Laser procedures. In the case of a PICOMAX pigmentation removal treatment, patients may expect to pay around $500 per session. Remember, treatment pricing may vary depending on the severity and skin type.


Most of our patients at Ozhean aesthetic clinic find our Pico Laser treatment tolerable. You’d best expect only minimal discomfort during the procedure. Since the picosecond devices deliver laser beams (heat waves) into the skin, you may feel tiny warm pricks on the surface.
Pico Lasers are generally safe, which means side effects are minimal. The only side effects that you’ll ever encounter are mild itchiness and redness on the treated area. Such side effects may worn out in a few hours, so if you have any other plans for the day, cancelling those plans won’t be necessary.

Like any skin treatment, Pico Laser treatment also has a downtime, but it is minimal. Pico Laser is a kind of “Lunch break” treatment, which means you can get the treatment done during your break time and then get back to your work. As if nothing happened! Except that your pigmentations are beginning to fade away. Since the treatment works in 450 picosecond pulse durations, it causes less discomfort unlike other nanosecond lasers like a q-switched laser. There is still a lot to benefit from nanosecond lasers and you can also inquire about them.

We do advise our patients in our clinic to avoid overexposing their skin, especially the newly treated area from the sun, for a week. This is to prevent hyperpigmentation development.

If you’re looking to get the ideal results, as in total elimination of your pigmentation, you’d best expect to undergo 5 to 10 lasers sessions. But that highly depends on the pigmentation severity and the patient’s lifestyle. Pico Laser technology also aids to treat mild acne scars or any scars thanks to its picosecond laser pulses. To know how many sessions you should take for your skin condition, it would be best to consult with your doctor.

Results from Pico Lasers pigmentation reduction treatments are mostly permanent. That is if you’re practising proper lifestyle habits and you avoid the sun. As we all know, the sun is the skin’s worst enemy. Better to regularly apply and re-apply sunscreen to prevent the sun from damaging your skin and reversing the effects of Pico Laser. For longer-lasting results, you can request maintenance treatments.

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