Dr. Sam

I was trained in Anaesthesia and was practising anaesthesia since 2007 until I am here in Singapore when I decided to venture into the field of Aesthetics. Back then I have performed thousands of anaesthesia procedures like general anaesthesia, spinal Anaesthesia and intensive care unit care. I was also involved in the post-operative pain and chronic pain care of thousands of patients.

My background in anaesthesia has given me a solid foundation in my eventual practise of Aesthetics. I am meticulous and extremely cautious about performing procedures as painlessly as possible. Comfort to me and to my patients are as important as results.

I have always had a passion for beauty and sculpting lives. Aesthetics excites me as the transformation in our clients’ faces is so apparent and satisfying. For these compelling reasons I started full-fledged in the practice of aesthetics.

I have since done more 30, 000 laser procedures and 1000s of injectable and thread procedures. I thank my wide and large exposure to aesthetics and a rapid growth into this field to my many mentors, and Dr Park, is one of my key ones.

Skin rejuvenation and restoration of natural beauty is an obsession for me. To me, lasering is not a monotonous soulless treatment but it is an art that demands perfection. Understanding fundamental laser physics and being ingrained in an abundance of knowledge is what help shaped my laser practice.

Performing it as painlessly as possible, as little down-time as possible, and yet achieving great results has always been my top most goals. I am delighted to say that I have helped many of my clients achieve beauty for their acne, scars, pores and wrinkle issues.

Joining Ozhean Zoey Aesthetics is a new and life changing milestone for me. Ozhean zoey has adopted time and tested clinical protocols from OZHEAN. I am particularly excited over the new ZOEY SKIN and DOLL FACE treatments from OZHEAN – these treatments are exceptional, and we have since witnessed impressive results.

In my past time, I practise martial arts as my favourite hobby. I am also adept with the guitar and also believed that joy is best expressed through music. What I truly look forward after my hectic work schedule though is spending time with my family.