Acne Treatment Singapore

Acne (or pimple), acne marks(pimple marks) and acne scars(pimple scars) are the skin concerns of many in Singapore. It is not just a skin condition or a phase in life that we go through growing up. Acne outbreaks can cause serious cosmetic changes on the facial skin and have a strong psychological impact on patients’ self esteem. Acne is associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies for some patients. Therefore there is tremendous value in the acne treatment and acne scar treatment. Acne treatment is one of the most common treatments cited in the Singapore National Skin Centre.


Acne is actually an infection of our sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) in the skin. They are characterized as painful red pimples or bumps that can occur either at the facial skin (the cheeks, forehead, temples, chin) or other parts of the body skin like the upper back, shoulders, legs or chest. Acne leads to the destruction of skin cells and causes unsightly skin pigmentation (red marks and brown marks) and acne scarring.

What causes acne?

Most of us will have acne on our skin at one stage of our lives. This is how it happens:

Certain factors will aggravate acne condition:

During COVID times in Singapore, wearing a facial mask is a practice that everyone in the world adopts to protect themselves. However, due to the long term wearing of masks, there might be an over-activity of sebaceous glands and blockage of glands. As a result, acne may form.

Acne Treatments – Ozhean Zoey’s Poreless Program

Ozhean Zoey has a comprehensive acne treatment program that ranges from medical acne treatment to laser treatments and ultrasound treatments to offer a holistic treatment of acne (pimples) and acne scar (pimples scar) treatments. The relevant acne treatments will depend on the stage of acne that you have.

Types of Acne

Ozhean Zoey has a comprehensive acne treatment program that ranges from medical acne treatment to laser treatments and ultrasound treatments to offer a holistic treatment of acne (pimples) and acne scar (pimples scar) treatments. The relevant acne treatments will depend on the stage of acne that you have.

Effective Pigmentation removal in Singapore will mean addressing all these causative factors. At a young age, unsightly pigments can occur as a result of birthmarks. With ageing and accumulated sun damage, unsightly hyperpigmentation can also occur. Sun damage from UV rays is by far the most common cause of unwanted, unsightly pigmentation in the skin. The key to a successful hyperpigmentation treatment is to address the causes of the pigmentation issues and recognise whether the pigmentation is superficial or deep.

Noninflammatory acne

Non-inflammatory acne represents the beginning stages of acne where active inflammation or bacteria infection of the acne gland has not taken place

  • Blackheads or open comedones are formed when there is excessive sebum production and the gland gets swollen (forming a bump). The pores are still open, although the sebum at the entrance of the pores gets oxidised and turns black. (see diagram above) Blackheads can be easily treated with facial extraction.
  • Whiteheads OR closed comedones. When the pore entrance is blocked by dead skin it becomes a whitehead or closed comedones. This appears as small raised bumps. Comedones can turn potentially turn into acne.

Inflammatory acne

  • Papules: The buildup of bacteria leads to infection and acne inflammation of the sebaceous glands and small red raised bumps are formed known as papules. (or pimples)
  • Pustules: Inflammation of the glands leads to the destruction of skin cells and pus starts to accumulate resulting in the formation of papules.
  • Nodules: As the papules grow and the pus accumulates, it becomes nodules.
  • Cysts: As the nodules grow bigger, they become large pus-filled lumps known as cysts (or boils). The bigger the acne site the more extensive the damage and hence a greater degree of scaring.

Hydrawhite Facial

Acne Extraction

Acne or pimples extraction is a safe way of removing blackheads and whiteheads. By removing pus-filled acne, we could control the spread of inflammation. It should be done by a properly trained individual in a sterile & clean environment to prevent irritation to the skin causing further inflammation.


Triamcinolone Injection

Anti-inflammation injection to shrink acne fast, suitable for nodular acne. However, it needs to be done by a trained doctor to prevent complications.

Agnes Treatment (Acne Permanent Removal)

Acne is a treatable skin condition that can be controlled by medical or laser treatment. The limitations of these treatments in Singapore are that the acne may recur again in the future and therefore do not pose as a permanent solution for acne. Medical treatments and skincare products such as Roaccutane also gives unpleasant side effects such as dry skin, dry eyes and skin redness.


Agnes acne treatment specifically targets the oil glands at the hair follicles. It delivers safely radiofrequency energy to the acne-prone hair follicles without causing any damage to the skin. As a result of this RF energy, the glands at the hair follicles is shut down permanently. Therefore acne will no longer recur at the treated areas. Find out more about Ozhean Zoey’s Agnes acne removal in the services section.


LDM is a high-frequency ultrasound treatment that is painless and soothing to the skin. Not only does it restores skin health, but it also improves recovery from laser procedures significantly.  Its anti-inflammatory effects help to treat and control acne and are a good complement to Agnes treatment.


PICOMAX is Ozhean Zoey’s proprietary laser treatment program for acne treatment and acne scar removal, and it is an excellent complement to Agnes acne removal.

It consists of 3 lasers that specifically target acne and complications of acne

Step 1: Proyellow Laser

Proyellow laser specifically targets acne and acne red marks (or post-inflammatory erythema, PIE), reducing the redness and lightens them visibly.

Step 2: Curas Advanced Nano Laser

This laser specifically targets the brown acne marks (or post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, PIH) left by acne clearing them. As a result, the face looks brighter and clearer after treatment

Step 3: Pico laser

Pico laser treatment delivers focused picosecond laser energy to acne scars and acne. That leads to collagen remodeling of the acne scar tissue leading to smoother more pore less skin.

Find out more about our PICOMAX program here.

Ozhean Zoey’s Skin Fit Program

Just like our fingerprints, each person’s skin is unique and different.  This is why there is no fixed treatment formula for everyone.

Each skin is different in thickness. It has also a varying amount of melanin, water and haemoglobin (the common components of the skin that absorb laser energy).

“Un-customised” laser or skincare program that is insensitive to the skin type will bring about a high risk of undertreatment or overtreatment.  Undertreatment leaves unsatisfactory results while over-treatment causes unnecessary complications.

SKIN FIT program by Ozhean is a trademarked program in Singapore that customises skincare and treatment care for our customers to the smallest detail. This is why Ozhean has enjoyed good success with their patients all these years.

We Listen

At Ozhean Zoey, the doctors listen to your skin.  This involves listening to the history of your skin condition to understand the depth of the skin issue and also to understand the possible causes.

Treatment Skin Fit For You

  • At Ozhean Zoey Korean Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore, we have a wealth of database on treatment protocols that work on the skin.
  • Our doctors and consultants will, after understanding your skin condition, prescribe the relevant treatment that best and comprehensively resolve your skin issues.
  • One of the core principles of SKIN FIT laser program is Optimal Laser Dose.  Safety is our number 1 concern for your skin. Our doctors guard this concern zealously by delivering the optimal safe dose of laser, which significantly reduces the risk of complications such as PIH.
  • However, we are confident to achieve a credible and distinct result each time.


What should I expect during the treatment?

What should I expect during the treatment?

Typically most acne treatments in Ozhean Zoey has swift recoveries with 1-2 days of down time. (the acne may appear redder during this period) All treatments are done with topical anaesthesia, therefore Agnes and PICOMAX laser treatments are tolerable with minimal discomfort.

How quickly will I see results?

How quickly will I see results?

Agnes acne permanent removal and PICOMAX laser treatments and acne scar treatments’ results are best seen after a month. That is if you get the treatment done in a reliable acne clinic.

If you’re going for home remedies such as acne creams and lotions that contain benzoyl peroxide or lactic acid, you can expect your acne to fade after weeks or months. You should also avoid beauty products like make up to help the acne cream to take effect.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Agnes acne treatments start from $1500 and PICOMAX starts from $800/session in Singapore.