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Fat Removal Singapore

Fat in unwanted parts of the body leaves it in a shape that is less than desirable.  Hence fat reduction and body sculpting treatments are highly sought after in Singapore.  In the past, the only means to remove fat from our bodies is only via liposuction. 

Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure with surgical and general anesthesia risks and it is extremely costly with long recovery times.  Good sculpting results from liposuction is very much dependent on the aesthetic sense and skill of the plastic surgeon.

Patients are seeking non-surgical or non-invasive treatments to get rid of some of the extra weight they carry that has significantly fewer risks and less downtime.  The slimming industry is huge with a myriad of slimming treatments.  What works and what doesn’t?


Some types of fat removal treatments offered in slimming centres yield immediate results which have convinced many individuals to invest their time and wealth there. However, it is important for participants to note that weight loss or fat loss takes time, whether via exercise and diet (thereby causing a caloric deficit) or fat reduction treatments (involving lipolysis and destruction of the fat cells). If immediate results are seen right after the fat reduction treatment procedures, it is usually due to water loss at the treated area via dehydration or lymphatic drainage or suction massage. Such results are often short-lived and the waistline (including the belly fat) can rebound to the original size easily.In our clinic, we deliberately chose treatments that are centered around clinic research with tested results. We are conscious to deliver results that are distinct and long-lasting in the journey of helping our patients achieve their desired body shape via non-surgical and non-invasive means.

FreezeMax (Maximum Fat Freeze Results)

FreezeMax is Ozhean Zoey’s proprietary slimming program that is focused to bring maximal fat loss and fat reduction and the desired body contouring results to our clients.  It consists of three body treatments that are clinically tested, non-invasive and comfortable.

1) Cristal Pro Medical Cryolipolysis

Cristal Pro is a well-accepted and effective cryolipoysis technology from France and is a popular fat reduction procedure all over Europe.  It introduces a new unique concept to cryolipolysis (or fat freezing) which their 360 degrees body shaping.  

This allows body and face shaping, via non-surgical fat freezing with Cristal Pro, in almost every area of the body.  This fat reduction technology is the only fat freeze machine that allows up to four areas of treatment in one session.  

There is no plastic surgery and no downtime, and what is more, is that it guarantees up to a 30% reduction in fat cells.    These are the benefits of Cristal Pro:

Permanent and definite results

Tried and Tested logo

Proven effectiveness through clinical studies

100% satisfaction after only 2 treatment sessions

Non-invasive and no anaesthesia needed

Excess of fat cells before CRISTAL treatment

The cold crystallises the fat cells and causes apoptosis (cell death)

Macrophages gather the crystallised fat cells, which are then permanently eliminated by the lymphatic system.

The body, free of fat cells, is transformed over weeks, with a final result obtained within 2 months.

The Cristal treatment is suitable for both men and women. Cristal is able to treat multiple regions simultaneously (up to four) without the process of surgery in one session. Cristal pro procedures yield wonderful results for double chin.
The Cristal treatment is suitable for both men and women. Cristal is able to treat multiple regions simultaneously (up to four) without the process of surgery in one session. Cristal pro procedures yield wonderful results for double chin.
Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses of water per day) and avoid alcohol
Adopt a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. Have a diet rich in nutrition
Exercise daily (30 minutes a day is recommended)
Combine draining massages and tissue massages and anti-cellulite creams

Comparison with fat freeze : Coolsculpting is probably the oldest fat freeze treatment in the market. It has a good track record of results. However, it is also the costliest fat freeze treatment in the market.


Cristal Pro

Clatuu Cool Tech

Cool sculpting

Costs $350 onwards/applicator $250 onwards/applicator  $500 onwards/applicator
Efficiency Treats 4 areas simultaneously Treats 2 areas simultaneously Treats 4 areas simultaneously Treats only one area
Results In 1-2 sessionIn several sessions In several sessionsIn 1-2 sessions

*All Fat freeze treatments allege reducing fatty tissues up to 25% each session.  Cristal Pro provides up to a 30% body fat reduction each session. If these claims are true, realistically only 1-2 sessions are needed to see visible obvious results.*It is important to note that for effective cryolipolysis it is important to reduce the temperatures of the fatty tissues to -4 degrees, otherwise results will not be obvious.

2) Shockwave, Vacuum & Multipolar Radiofrequency

Using a combination of radiofrequency, pulse and vacuum technology, these procedures stimulate lymphatic drainage, which improves the results for the fat freeze treated areas by helping to clear the damaged fat cells.  In addition, multipolar radiofrequency helps to stimulate fibroblasts and collagen in the skin, resulting in tighter firmer skin.  This is important because loose skin may occur over regions of fat freeze treatment.

Agnes Fat Melt

Agnes Fat Melt is also a popular facial slimming laser treatment procedure in our centre.  It is popular because of the obvious results this fat removal treatment produces without undergoing any surgery each session.  In addition, the added advantage that is specific to this treatment procedure is that it can cause skin tightening effects over the treatment area.  This not only prevents any loose skin to occur over the treated area but also enhances the outcome.

Agnes is a non-surgical, needle radio frequency with insulated treatment tips that bring RF heat to the fat cell walls without any heating or damage to the skin.  Temperatures are raised as high as 80 degrees in the subcutaneous fat causing fat lipolysis (breakdown of fatty tissues).  These fatty cells will eventually be cleared by the lymphatic system.  Agnes fat melt works best in small pockets of fat like the jowl fat at the face or the submental fat in double chins or small bulges at the armpit.  Results are distinct with up to 40% fat reduction per treatment.

Agnes fat melt start from $1500 onwards.

Kybella Injections (Kybella Singapore)

Kybella injection is a non-surgical treatment that is FDA approved in 2015 to break down an amount of fat. It is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. In a clinical trial done in the United States, more than 80% of the participants reported satisfaction from this fat removal treatment. It is interesting to note deoxycholic acid was already widely and commonly used in Europe a decade before for fat breakdown, reduction and body contouring. Kybella, unfortunately, has yet to obtain approval to be licensed for use in Singapore.

Dr Park Ji Youn


Founder of Ozhean Skin and Plastic Surgery Network
Author of over 30 scientific papers on dermatology
Author of over 30 scientific papers on dermatology
Creator of Ozhean's SKIN FIT program
Creator of Ozhean’s SKIN FIT program
Korean Board Certified Dermatologist


Body Fit For You

At Ozhean Zoey, we are concerned to help you sculpt an ideal body shape for yourself, not just in reducing stubborn fat bulges and excess weight. To do so we will have to look into your current lifestyle, diet and exercise and help you make changes that will go a long way to make you healthier and slimmer. Your weight loss journey begins with you, so it’s best that you practice a healthy lifestyle.


Yes absolutely. For effective fat removal, patients can consider fat freeze with FREEZEMAX. For small pockets of fat cells like the jowls, double chin or armpit bulges, patients can consider Agnes Fat Melt which won’t require any surgery.
The most common treated locations are the tummy, arms, legs and back bra bulges.
Usually, a consultation with a plastic surgeon is needed to exclude conditions that are unsuitable for Freezemax like pregnancy, cold allergies or hernias etc. You can also ask the surgeon about the price range of the fat reduction techniques and what are the side effects to be expected. Although side effects are minimal, it’s best that participants are aware before they undergo their fat reduction journey.
Yes absolutely. The full Freezemax program includes multi-polar radio frequency and shockwave treatment for skin tightening lymphatic drainage and sculpting an even more desirable body shape.

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