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Double Chin Removal Singapore

Let’s face it, having a double chin can be unattractive. Double chin removal or double chin treatment is a common request in our aesthetic clinic. Having a sleek jawline is a powerfully attractive feature that many sought after in Singapore.

That is why at Ozhean Zoey, we provide a host of comprehensive aesthetic treatments that will visibly reduce and remove your double chin. Results are permanent (provided your weight stays constant) and thus you can wave your double chin goodbye!


Did you know that double chins have different causes? Do you also know that to have a successful outcome for your double chin treatment, the treatment has to address double chin causes? Do you also know that a successful double chin treatment means results are seen in just one session? Well, that is if a well-trained, professional doctor carried out the procedure and of course if you have maintained a healthy lifestyle. A double chin can happen due to various reasons, and you’ll learn the most common ones on this page. Sometimes, a double chin is unavoidable, especially if you have been born with it or it runs in your family. To understand how or why this happens, but read on for a more detailed explanation of each cause.


With ageing, the skin below the chin or neck area loses its collagen, and as a result, it sags down and creates multiple folds below the chin (the skin appears to be sagging).
A rough indicator of the elasticity of the skin below the chin is a pinch test. If you are able to pinch a lot of skin below the chin, it will mean the skin has lost its collagen fibres and elasticity.
Skin tightening with certain double chin treatment procedures such as Agnesbotox, or even Profhilo will be necessary to treat all these skin folds.


Some of us are genetically predisposed to have excessive fat in the submental area (area under the chin). Even the whole body may appear slim, but the face may still look round due to genetics. Just like some of us genetically determined to have more fats in the thighs while for some, they are more concentrated in the torso.


Poor posture can make your double chin appear worse. When you flex your neck (allow your chin to move inwards towards the throat), it will often make your skin and excessive fat fold more.

This is often associated with a poor posture of the upper back. (allowing the shoulders to slack forward). Posture related issues are easily corrected. Remind yourself to arch your upper back and pull your shoulder blades together.

Also, lift up your chin and bring it forward a little. This way your neck muscles can form properly. Such a posture also allows you to breathe better and feel better.

Excess Fat

When we gain excessive weight, the fat layer under the chin (or the submental area) will grow and thicken. This blunts the definition of the jaw, making the margins between the jaw and neck indistinct. The reverse is also true. When we lose weight, our face, neck area, and submental area will slim down. That is why we encourage our patients with a high BMI to also lose some weight along with their given double chin treatment procedure. Weight gain is also one of the common causes of double chin especially for adults. It can be harder to lose the weight at the double chin even at a younger age. When a person loses a lot of weight in a short-period, it can cause sagging skin. In addition to fat melting or fat reduction treatments, aesthetic clinics also commonly offer neck skin lifting treatments such as thread lifts, botox, and a face lift.


Exercise and diet, leading to a caloric deficit will help you to lose weight and fats. Of course, it will also help you to achieve a greater measure of health. As we lose fat, we also lose fat in the double chin area, reducing its appearance. Contrary to belief, chewing gum, jaw or chin exercises might not have any real improvement to jaw definition. The key is to lose the excessive fat in that area. However, even despite our best attempts with chin exercises and diet, we might still have a double chin because we are genetically predisposed to have excessive fat there. Therefore, double chin removal treatments need to be considered to remove it.


At Ozhean Zoey, we have a full suite of aesthetic treatments for a double chin that is result-focused.

What kind of double chin treatment in Singapore should you consider? Which treatment best works for you? There are tons of double chin treatment procedures in the market but only a few are effective for improving the jaw line, and tightens sagging skin, and also effective for double chin contouring (such treatments are also commonly used for body contouring). In addition, you might want to have adequate sun protection in the neck. That is to protect the skin from skin issues caused by sun damage. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as a high caloric diet and lack of exercise should be corrected. Try to have a healthy lifestyle by drinking water, exercising, staying away from smoking, and reducing your sun exposure. Collagen production is important to our bodies, and having a healthy lifestyle will prevent collagen loss.

Agnes Fat Reduction

Agnes is a non-surgical method for fat reduction. It is one the most unique needle radiofrequency in Singapore that delivers precise energy with precise pulse and duration control of radiofrequency energy to precisely target the fat layer of the double chin to “melt it”. Temperatures are raised high enough (beyond 70 degrees) to coagulate the fat and also to liquefy it. As a result, the double chin fat is removed and will not recur again at that layer of treatment. It has an excellent safety system with specially designed tips – these tips have a specific depth, and since the radiofrequency energy is administered only at the non-insulated end of the tip, none of this RF energy is transmitted to the skin, thus preventing any chance of skin damage. This treatment procedure gives a good 20-40% reduction of double chin fat each session.

Agnes double chin fat reduction is typically carried out with local anaesthesia, with which patients do not experience any pain. Tightening the skin can also be achieved through tips to tighten lax or loose skin at the double chin significantly. Clinical results are distinct after each session and are most visible after 2-3 months. By far, Agnes is the most popular aesthetic treatment procedure for double chins at Ozhean Zoey. It is also commonly done together with jowls or cheek fat.


Ultherapy® is a non-invasive skin tightening ultrasound treatment that stimulates collagen production deep within the skin. It is also the only cosmetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure the energy is deposited to where it will be most beneficial.

By stimulating collagen production with its targeted approach, it helps to tighten and lift loose skin around the chin, resulting in a more defined and lifted jawline.


HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment is another popular double chin reduction treatment that utilises ultrasound energy, particularly for people who are looking for a non-surgical option in Singapore.

HIFU treatment cannot raise the temperature of the fat layer to coagulate or “melt it” like Agnes. Typically temperatures of 55-60 degrees are reached, and at those temperatures, collagen is stimulated.

The double chin is reduced due to fat contraction because of increased collagen in the fat layer rather than fat removal. Results are modest each session with this ultrasound energy inducing collagen treatment, which is why several sessions are needed to see the desired result.


Planning for a double chin reduction treatment with Ozhean Zoey?
You can choose non-invasive or minimally invasive option.



Agnes Double Chin Treatment / Skin TighteningFrom $2500
UltherapyFrom $1799
HIFUFrom $800 onwards (several sessions needed) 



We will certainly recommend Agnes double chin removal treatment as the primary treatment to consider, as its results are distinct and permanent. The treatment is also fairly tolerable. Threads are to be considered to define the jawline further.

Typically, an Agnes treatment for double chin reduction takes about an hour.

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