Cheeks are important aesthetic features of the face. A full lifted cheek makes the face look youthful, vibrant and confident. It also makes the eyes look more lively. Flat cheeks, on the other hand, look gaunt and aged in appearance. Saggy cheeks are also often associated with laugh lines. Cheek fillers is a wonderful aesthetic solution to flat cheeks and have impressive aesthetic outcomes. But is it safe? Is it painful? If you are considering cheek filler treatments to be done in an aesthetic clinic, not to worry, the treatment is a safe procedure and done with minimal pain (if done with proper technique). Read on to find out why.


For the procedures involving fillers in Singapore, cheek fillers are probably one of the most common. Flat sunken cheeks can be due to flat cheek bone or inadequate cheek fat. With a flat cheek, skin elasticity over the cheeks is lax and smile lines appear obvious as a result. Cheek fillers involves injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the sunken cheeks to replace the volume loss and the cheeks is raised in the process. Cheek fillers is a satisfying aesthetic treatment. That is because the end result is a younger fresher looking face, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, it is mostly an office procedure with no downtime.

Cheek Filler Risks and Benefits

The benefits of cheek fillers treatment far outweigh the risks for face rejuvenation.


Face lifting

Replenishing the volume loss that comes with aging skin will visibly lift the face. Results are distinct and even the laugh lines and marionette lines are lightened.

Fuller Upper face

A fuller volume to the upper face always appears more youthful and fresher in appearance.

Reduce face wrinkles and increases skin firmness

With fuller cheeks, the skin has better underlying support and are further stretched. This reduces the skin wrinkles visibly, making the face younger in appearance.

Improves eye rings (under the eyes)

By addressing the volume loss at the areas around the eyes, cheek fillers also improves the appearance of eye rings (or tear troughs) visibly.

Improve appearance of laugh lines (or nasolabial folds)

With more cheek fullness and a lift, invariably the nasolabial folds will also lighten.

Non-surgical procedure

Cheek fillers is typically a quick office or clinic procedure that ]also comes with excellent recovery. (compared to surgery)

Injection technique (how we make it bruise-less, almost painless and having the maximal lift)
Blunt cannula

In Ozhean Zoey, our doctors use blunt cannulas instead of sharp needles, as cannulas do not cut tissues and gently teases them aside. As a result, the risk of bruising and discomfort is significantly lower.

Gentle teasing technique

With gentle pinches and gentle advances of the cannula, our patients feel minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Deep fat plane (right placement of filler product)

It is important to place the dermal fillers in the deep fat plane instead of the superficial plane. Filler material placed in the superficial plane will make the cheeks look bulky and heavy, and that may aggravate the smile lines. Placing the substances or materials with the correct amounts in the deep plane will lift the cheeks and ironically make the cheeks look more compact.

Duration of results

Cheek dermal fillers last long from 2 years and above in duration, depending on the choice of fillers.



With any injectables, there is a risk of skin bruising that will mean days of downtime for the patient. We take great pains to minimise any skin bruising for our patients. We do so by using gentle techniques and blunt cannulas (instead of sharp needles) in administering the cheek fillers. Most of our patients do not have any skin bruises post treatment.


Most of the cheek fillers are done with topical anaesthesia to make the procedure comfortable. Along with the gentle techniques used by our doctors, this treatment is a comfortable procedure.

Vascular Necrosis/  Vascular Complications

These complications are rare in aesthetic clinics and are more commonly noticed in beauty salons when erroneous techniques are used.

How do our doctors avoid vascular complications for cheek fillers?

    1. Great caution and care is taken by the doctor to avoid where the blood vessels of the face are and that is the key to avoid vascular complications
    2. Gentle techniques are employed by the doctor to reduce any damage to blood vessels. Dermal filler injections are usually done slowly and precisely. When needed, fanning technique is employed when administering the filler substances, which the chance of injecting any large amount of fillers into vessels. Withdrawing the syringe before the substance is injected is also an important technique to prevent injecting into vessels.
    3. In Ozhean Zoey clinic, our doctors have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy. This anatomy knowledge is crucial in avoiding injecting the product near any blood vessels of the face.

Types of Cheek Fillers Singapore

There are several approved and registered (with HSA) fillers in Singapore. A Hyaluronic acid filler (or HA filler) are fillers that consist of hyaluronic acid. Filler treatments with HA fillers is by far the most popular choice of dermal fillers among aesthetic clinics. That is because they are reversible (with a reversible agent called hyaluronidase), biodegradable and safe (with a very low incidence of any tissue rejection or allergy reactions). However, what you might not know is there are many brands of HA fillers with different characteristics. Understanding these differences will help us choose the ideal dermal filler of choice for the cheeks.

Juvederm Voluma

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Juvederm Voluma is a renowned and popular brand of dermal fillers for cheek filler treatment in Singapore. They are the products of Allergan, which is one of the largest aesthetic company in the United States. Juvederm voluma is ideal for the cheeks, as they are soft (mimicking cheek fat) and absorb a significant amount of water to volumise the cheeks. Juvederm’s filler products lasts very long but tend to be pricier than other brands.

Restylane Lyft

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Restylane by Galderma is also one of the oldest hyaluronic acid ha brands in the market. Restylane Lyft is good for cheek lifting whereas restylane volume is good for volumising. Lyft lasts 9 months whereas volume lasts 18 months.


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Ellanse contains polycaprolactone which is a biodegradable material commonly used in surgical sutures. It not only has a filling effect but also has biostimulatory effect which stimulates collagen formation. Because of this collagen stimulation effect, it is thought that Ellanse has a more face lifting and rejuvenation effect. Ellanse is also known to be a costly substance on the market.


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Sculptra contains PLLA which stands for poly-L-lactic acid. PLLA by itself has a minimal filling effect but it has biostimulatory effect which stimulates collagen where it was injected. Results are subtle each session and a series of sessions are needed. For this reason, it is now mostly replaced by Ellanse and hyaluronic acid fillers.

Korean hyaluronic acid fillers

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There are also many Korean HA fillers brands in the market. The advantage of Korean fillers over other more branded fillers is the costs, they are 40% cheaper. That is the reason why certain clients choose them. In Ozhean Zoey, we only use Korean fillers that are K-FDA certified and certified by the health and science authority.

Are there any side effects with Cheek Fillers?

There are minimal side effects with cheek fillers and minimal risks (as stated above). Undesirable cheek results are usually due to poor product placement which is avoidable with proper techniques.

How is the Cheek Filler Treatment done?

  1. The patient is examined and the facial volume is assessed. This is to determine the amount of fillers required and the type of fillers ideal for cheek augmentation
  2. Topical local anaesthesia is applied.
  3. The treatment area is marked.
  4. A small injection point is made and the cheek filler treatment is done. Only a single and not several injection points are needed.
  5. Results are seen immediately.

Cheek Filler Treatment Price/ Cost in Singapore

Costs of cheek fillers can range from $900 onwards. Typically cheek fillers are also considered with nose fillers and chin fillers. that is because the cheeks, nose (nose bridge), and chin form a beauty triangle and balance between these features are important in facial aesthetics.


How long do dermal fillers last?

How long do dermal fillers last?

Cheek fillers last up to 2 years or more depending on the brand of fillers. 

Are cheek fillers safe? Is it painful?

Are cheek fillers safe? Is it painful?

Cheek fillers is a safe procedure that gives more volumes to the skin area and cheek bones.

Is there downtime?

Is there downtime?

The risks of a bruise are very low. Otherwise, there is a quick office procedure with minimal down time.

What should I avoid after fillers?

What should I avoid after fillers?

People should avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol for at least 24 hours. Avoid any facial massage for at least 2 weeks.

After cheek fillers, the area of injection may feel mildly sore but no distinct pain should be felt. You might be able to “feel” the fillers when you feel your cheek (albeit no lumps should be visible). Any feelings of discomfort should subside in days. After weeks, the fillers will be integrated with the facial tissues and no longer be palpable.

Do I need to continue with Cheek Filler injections forever once I start?

Do I need to continue with Cheek Filler injections forever once I start?

Cheek fillers tend to have a long duration of results (depending on the brand). Therefore you will only require a top-up infrequently. Permanent fillers are still deemed unsafe and are hardly used in clinics. To improve skin moisture and the appearance and facial volume loss, treatments should be taken continuously.