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Sunken face aesthetic treatments in Singapore are common. That is because sunken cheeks, temples and a flat forehead are facial features that make us look gaunt, haggard and aged.

On the other hand, fuller cheeks, forehead and temples make us look more youthful, vibrant and attractive. For these reasons, many patients seek fillers of the cheeks, forehead and temples.

What you probably might not know is that these treatments also visibly lift the eyebrows and the face. (and the neck to some extent) Curious as to how and why? Read on to find out. But first, let us look into the various factors that cause sunken faces.




Diet/Weight Loss

Personal Habits

Besides genetic factors that determine the amount of facial fat we have, our lifestyle changes and habits also have an impact and affect ageing. Stress, poor sleep, and smoking are cited as factors that can cause premature ageing and accelerates losing facial fats.


Under extreme and harsh weather conditions, the elasticity of the skin can be compromised, dehydration may occur and the face may appear gaunt. Such factors are uncommon in Singapore.


Cheeks Fillers

What Are Cheek Fillers? Sunken cheeks look hollow and gaunt. Flat sunken cheeks also make the face appear more plain in appearance (see picture below). In contrast, fuller curvier cheeks will offer character to the face and make the face look more feminine in appearance. Aesthetic procedures such as cheek dermal fillers will help add volume to the face, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment procedure involves injecting a filler substance like hyaluronic acid into the sunken cheeks to volumise and raise the cheeks. (fillers are also known as dermal or skin fillers, although this is a misnomer as fillers are injected in various depths on the face not just at the level of the skin)Cheek Dermal Fillers costs from $900 onwards.

Temple/ Forehead Fillers

Temple fillers is another important area of the face for filling for a sunken face treatment. The benefits of filling up your temple with a dermal filler treatment are many:

As we age, besides the cheeks, the temples suffer significant volume loss and our face take on a more skeletal appearance. What many people do not know is that replenishing this volume to sunken temples will also visibly lift the face. That is because the temple tissue planes and ligaments are connected to the tissue planes of the face. Therefore fuller temples will lift up the ligaments of the face resulting in a facelift.

In addition, with fuller more plump up temples, the skin above the eyebrows are lifted. This results in fresher lifted eyebrows and eyelids and therefore more rejuvenated eyes.

A fuller round-shaped upper always appears more youthful and fresher in appearance.

By adding volume to the temples, the skin is stretched out and therefore skin laxity and wrinkles are reduced around the eyes, temples and forehead.

Temple fillers is typically a quick office or clinic procedure with excellent recovery. (compared to surgery)

Injection technique

The various techniques for temples the pros and cons are explained more in the blog section. For prominently sunken temples we will prefer a fanning technique at the level of the inter-fascial plane. This technique is safe and helps create smooth naturally looking filled up temples.

Duration of results
Temple fillers last long from 2 years and above in duration, depending on the choice of fillers.


Many factors cause a sunken face and sunken cheeks which includes ageing, illnesses, diet and environmental factors.
That is because of the lack of facial fats in the cheeks, temples and forehead resulting in a more skeletal look. We are open for consultations if you want to know more information about sunken cheeks and what treatment plan we have in store for you.
Cheeks, temples and forehead dermal fillers will improve a sunken face. These filler treatments may consist of collagen and hyaluronic acid content. You can also try home remedies for a minor case of sunken cheeks.

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