Skin Rejuvenation Singapore: Treatments, Benefits, Cost

Skin rejuvenation treatments in Singapore are one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments.  When they say that “AGING IS GRACEFUL”- it  IS A MYTH.  Aging is an inevitable and unavoidable part of life. Our skin condition, including our entire face, also ages with time and exposure to external factors such as UV rays (sun exposure or tanning beds), diet, pollutants only accelerate collagen loss.   As a result of accumulated skin damage, our skin develops fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun spots or age spots, and even increases pore size. Also, it appears drier. People should take into account skin rejuvenation treatments as they can stimulate the skin layer to produce new collagen and improve skin texture and skin tone.  The result is a fresher looking face.


As we age, the deep skin (dermis), which is our storehouse of collagen, thins and atrophies. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, firmness and hydration. The face skin also folds, forming lines and getting a wrinkled appearance.  As a result, the skin gets drier, more wrinkled and lax. Recent studies also show that as a result of collagen loss, pigmentation problems also arise such as sunspots and melasma.  As a result of thin skin, the vessels of the skin also become more visible.  Skin vessels become more dilated with skin ageing, as a result, the skin also appears more flushed.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

To create a distinctly visible skin rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation treatments focus on replenishing the lost collagen in the deep dermis. As the skin thickens with these treatments, it will appear firmer, smoother and fresher.We also remove sun spots, age spots and tighten big pores.That is because these features also make the skin look aged.

Ageless Skin with Ozhean Zoey – PICOMAX Program

PICOMAX treatment in Singapore is Ozhean Zoey’s proprietary laser skin resurfacing program that combines the effectiveness of 3 lasers to deliver a more complete rejuvenation result to ageing skin.  The program consists of:

Step 1: Proyellow Laser Resurfacing

The Proyellow laser resurfacing is one of the standards in vascular lasers for the treatment of vascular-related problems like flushing and broken blood vessels. As these skin issues appear very commonly in aged skin, this laser as part of the PICOMAX program works wonderfully to rejuvenate the skin.

Step 2: Advance Nano Laser

Long pulse Nd Yag is a deep-reaching laser skin resurfacing procedure that causes bulk heating of the deeper dermis, stimulating heat shock proteins that stimulate collagen growth.A laser skin rejuvenation of the deep skin is also one of the crucial factors in treating the appearance of skin tone pigment conditions like Melasma.

Step 3: Pico Laser

Pico laser, with its intense photo-acoustic power (highest among the aesthetic lasers), is a strong collagen stimulator for superficial skin.  The skin remodels upon healing, resulting in tighter firmer and even skin.

How much does it cost?

PICOMAX costs is from $400/session onwards depending on the package.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin has dual functions.  It relaxes not the facial muscles so that less in the folding of the skin occurs.  This prevents the wrinkling skin from getting deeper.  It is rather unfortunate that this treatment procedure is labelled as a “toxin”.  Since the doses used for aesthetic rejuvenation is a tiny fraction (1/1000) of a lethal dose.  More about botulinum toxin treatments can be found on the services page.

How much does it cost?

Botulinum treatments start from $100 onwards depending on the area of treatment and the doses provided. Baby Skin or Zoey Skin Treatment.

Baby skin

Baby skin or Zoey Skin treatment procedure is the signature treatment of Ozhean Zoey.  It is an intensely hydrating treatment procedure and skin rejuvenating experience.  This is done by administering a cocktail of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (an integral component of the skin that retains moisture), rejuran, botulinum and antioxidants that have a powerful brightening, pore-reducing, wrinkles-reducing, skin texture improving experience.  This is a good booster skin rejuvenation treatment that gives the skin an instant beautiful shine.  Results last up to 6 months.


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Rejuran treatment became very popular in Singapore 4-5 years back in 2016. It contains Polynucleotides (PN) which are DNA fragments extracted and purified from salmon. It is understood that salmon DNA is very similar to human DNA, and polynucleotides have strong healing and collagen stimulation properties on the skin. Its effects are very comparable to the effects of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in skin healing, rejuvenation and even hair restoration. That is why rejuran is often known as a “healer”.

What are the benefits of Rejuran?

  • Reduces pores
  • Enhances collagen content
  • Improves skin elasticity and texture (healthier skin cells)
  • Resolves fine lines
  • Restores skin hydration

As you can see, rejuran is a good remedy to improve the skin around the eyes, and it only has minimal side effects like mild swelling which subsides within a day. However, the improvement is rather subtle from our clinical experience and requires several sessions to see a visible improvement. That is why for more visible results in each session, it is ideal to combine it with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance of the skin, and it is responsible for retaining hydration. When people age, they lose both hyaluronic acid and collagen on the skin, making it dryer and thinner. Replenishing the hyaluronic acid, therefore, enhances the skin’s hydration, which also makes it thicker and plumper. Synthetic hyaluronic acid for injections typically comes in two forms, either cross-linked (longer duration ) or non-crosslinked (shorter duration). For injections, it is important to avoid cross-linked hyaluronic acid as it will create persistent bumps in the surface.


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Botulinum or Dysport is a popular remedy to relax the overactive eye muscles so that the lines do not show as much. It is the most direct treatment for active wrinkles. What most of us do not know is that regular Dysport treatments actually help to prevent static wrinkles. That is because by regularly and consistently relaxing the eye expression muscles, the skin surface around the eyes fold less often and has significantly less stress than untreated eyes. This helps to delay the onset of static wrinkles. There is a long term study done on twins for which one of the twins received botulinum treatment while the other did not. Lines around the eyes of the treated twin were significantly less compared to the untreated twin.

However, it is ideal for a satisfying Dysport experience to have it done by a trained doctor. That is because he/she will know the accurate dosage and where to administer it. Overdose of Dysport and having Dysport at the wrong areas around the eye will yield unnatural results and may interfere with your natural facial expressions.

Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

The benefits of skin rejuvenation treatments is a visibly fresher and rejuvenated skin.  For best results, PICOMAX and Zoey Skin treatments are to be combined.  Here is a list of the distinct benefits :

    • Cleanser and clearer skin
    • Fairer, brighter skin
    • Reduced pigmentation
    • Glowing skin
    • Reduce skin wrinkles
    • A more poreless skin


How quickly will I see results?

How quickly will I see results?

You can get results from PICOMAX and Zoey Skin treatment procedures as early as the following week after the treatment. Results are best after a month.

What should I expect during the treatment?

What should I expect during the treatment?

With numbing cream, minimal discomfort is expected from the treatments.

Can I combine a laser skin resurfacing treatment with other procedures?

Can I combine a laser skin resurfacing treatment with other procedures?

Yes, if the skin is also lax and more advanced in aging.  Needle radiofrequency with Agnes would be ideal to tighten the skin layers and boost the levels of collagen production in the skin.  Skin care products can also be used to support laser resurfacing treatments.

Consult with our doctors to know what skin care products are safe.