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AGNES Acne Treatment

During our teenage and adult years, acne has always been our number one enemy. Even despite our best efforts of keeping our skin clean, certain dirt and dead skin cells will still find their way to clog up a sebaceous gland. As this sebaceous gland gets clogged up, this is when acne starts to form. Since acne exempts no one, counteracting or treating it would be the best solution also to avoid scar development which can happen if acne gets severe and is left untreated. One of the popular acne treatments in Singapore is AGNES.
Doctor of Ozhean Zoey Singapore performing agnes treatment to remove acne permanently


AGNES procedure is one of the latest treatments in Singapore. The device or technology used for the treatment is specially designed to target hair follicles that occasionally develop pimples and acne directly. If you’re struggling with stubborn and chronic acne and you’ve been seeking a procedure that gives long-lasting results, AGNES treatment is your way to go! For assurance that this is the treatment for you, it would be advisable to consult with one of our doctors. In the case that you may be advised to take a different procedure, this is mostly because of your skin type and the severity of the acne.


AGNES acne treatment is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure that originates from Korea and has been utilised globally, including in Singapore. The acne treatment is used to treat chronic acne in which a lot of people experience in their face. AGNES solution works by targeting the hyperactive sebaceous glands that are responsible for cystic acne development. The attractive feature of Agnes Acne is that it is a PERMANENT solution to acne.

The Process:

Before the doctor proceeds with the acne treatment, they will first:

  1. Apply anaesthetics (local anaesthesia or topical anaesthetic cream) on the area to be treated to reduce any pain or discomfort.
  2. Once the anaesthetics settle in, the doctor will then proceed with the acne treatment by utilising an insulated device that contains micro-needles. The micro-needle device will then deliver radiofrequency waves directly to the affected area. The radio frequency current helps with the destruction of hyperactive sebaceous glands.
  3. Once such oil glands are destroyed, the adult acne will then start to be less visible as infection and inflammation of the hair follicle (skin follicle) won’t be an issue anymore.

As a result, acne no longer recurs in that treated area.


  • Permanent management of acne lesions
  • Chances for recurrence are low
  • No thermal injury (Skin epidermis won’t get affected)
  • A safe and effective procedure
  • Minimal downtime (3 to 4 days)
  • Treats enlarged pores on the face
  • Treats syringoma
  • No systemic side effects

One of the greatest advantages that AGNES posses is that the procedure directly treats the root problem. This means that the area surrounding the acne lesion won’t get affected during the procedure. 

With AGNES, it targets the clogged sebaceous glands to reduce cystic acne appearance. Once the person completes their set of treatment sessions, pimples or acne breakouts won’t form again in the same area.


AGNES procedure guaranties a permanent, effective, and safe treatment for clearing acne, especially when taken continuously. Here are some of the major indications that you are a suitable candidate for the AGNES:

Enlarged pores

If you have enlarged pores that constantly get clogged with dead skin cells, oil sebum, and dirt, leading to inflammation and acne development.


If you experience pimples or acne development in the same spot.

** Pregnant individuals are NOT allowed to take certain acne treatments, may cause complications. **


At Ozhean Zoey, we use topical numbing creams and other anaesthetics to counteract the pain that may come with the procedure. With such anaesthetics, acne patients will find AGNES tolerable, even those with low pain tolerance.
AGNES acne solutions only come with a few mild and temporary side effects. Such include swelling and redness, which subsides after a few days. Skin burning rarely happens, but such side effect is only mild, and it doesn’t leave any acne scars or marks on the skin. People won’t have to worry about such side effect as long as they have the treatment done in a certified and reliable aesthetic clinic like Ozhean Zoey.
Downtime with AGNES acne treatment is minimal. The reason for this is because the side effects that come with AGNE acne treatment are mild and temporary. Patients may expect the side effects to subside after four days.
The AGNES acne cure may take about 30 – 60 minutes for completion of the procedure. Treatment duration highly depends on the severity and amount of acne the patient has.
For optimal results, patients may be required to undergo 2 – 3 sessions of AGNES treatment to treat sebaceous glands completely. Each treatment session should have an interval of 3 to 4 weeks to allow the skin to incorporate the treatment’s effects. To ensure that the treated areas are healing properly and major side effects aren’t occurring, patients will be advised to visit their dermatologist two days post-treatment.
After a couple of sessions, patients will begin to notice improvements in their skin. Chances of new pimples and acne breakouts are slim to zero, especially in the treated areas. Our doctors may recommend their patients undergo several Agnes radio frequency procedures to get optimal results and to maintain skin health.

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