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Cellulite Removal Singapore

Cellulite is the unsightly uneven skin appearance that appears like an orange peel, which is why it is also known as “orange peel skin” (even in Mandarin). Problem areas like the thighs, buttocks and calves. It is a common aesthetic concern among women in Singapore.

Cellulite affects 80-90% of women and affects men as well. It may also appear together with stretch marks, which are common concerns after pregnancy. There are so many cellulite treatments available in Singapore, ranging from invasive treatments to non-invasive options but what works and what doesn’t?


Contrary to popular belief, the cellulite is not just due to excessive fats. It is actually due to the fibrous connective tissue bands that separate the fat cells into different compartments. As the fat cells grow with weight gain, the fat cells compartment swells, making the dimpling of the skin more obvious. If these fibrous bands are weakened, stretched and broken (via subcision treatment), that will improve the appearance of cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite include:

  • Genetic
  • Inactive Lifestyle
  • Pregnancy


Nürnberger and Müller propose the clinic grading of cellulite into three grades:

Grade 1

The skin of the cellulite area is smooth at rest (which only appears when the muscles are flexed).

Grade 2

There is an appearance of “orange peel” cellulite when at rest.

Grade 3

A more serious form of grade 2 with nodules at the raised area and deeper depressions at rest.


Topical Treatments

Do topical creams work on cellulite? There is a myriad of topical treatments and various creams on the market. Most of the creams work by improving the hydration of the skin and thereby plumping up the skin.

Typically products that do that contain retinol and aminophylline. On the other hand, products that contain caffeine and aminophylline will dehydrate the water content of the fat cells by narrowing blood vessels that will make the fat compartment bulge less. This will reduce cellulite appearance. However, effects are most likely to be short-lived.

Non-invasive Treatments

Radiofrequency treatment

Essentially a radiofrequency (RF) technology helps to deliver bulk heat to the skin tissues. That activates heat shock proteins which in turn stimulates collagen formation, resulting in skin tightening and contraction. This treatment option is excellent in tightening the skin around cellulite, which will most certainly lead to an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

The type of RF technology is important. Medically graded RF, compared to salon graded RF, tend to be more efficient in delivering sufficient heat to deliver better results for cellulite. Monopolar RF, or multi-polar RF, compared to bipolar RF, will penetrate deeper into the skin and result in more bulk heating of the skin layers. It is important to note that some RF energy waves do not penetrate the fat surface layer and has minimal impact on the fat (unless in a needle RF therapy or more invasive RF treatments). The effect of RF is mainly on the skin surface.

Vacuum Suction Treatment

Vacuum suction treatments, such as endermologie or other devices, are typically a manual treatment that is very dependent on the skills of the doctor. It works by physically and mechanically stretching the fibrous bands around the fat compartments (that caused the appearance of cellulite), and as a result, the treated part appears smoother. This cellulite removal treatment also improves the lymphatic drainage and venous circulation (blood flow), thereby decreasing the water content of the fat compartment resulting in an immediate improvement of cellulite.

At Ozhean Zoey, we combine both RF and vacuum suction to produce the best treatment outcome for cellulite. Most of our customers are happy with this non-surgical soothing therapy. Several sessions are usually needed for long term results. Nevertheless, for grade 3 cellulite, non-surgical treatments alone may not yield long term satisfying results. That is why more invasive treatment options may need to be considered, as they typically lead to more significant improvement in cellulite as compared to a treatment that doesn’t require surgery.

Sculptra, or PLLA solutions

Typically we reserve more invasive options for more serious cellulite cases. Serious cellulite is identified with the following features: deep depressionsflaccid skin, and a large number of depressions. Injectables that contain PLLA (polylactic-L-acid) is a popular treatment. Notable brands are SCULPTRALenisaDermaviel etc. In Singapore, only Sculptra is the product that is licensed for clinical use with the Health Sciences Authority.

How do PLLA solutions work?

PLLA will stimulate collagen in the areas that it is injected. Therefore it has a filling effect on the hollows and depressions at the cellulite area. It also shows skin tightening evidence. One advantage of this treatment is that with the use of topical anaesthesia, it is a tolerable procedure with minimal pain. Results are distinct for each treatment, although, for serious skin conditions, several sessions are needed. Results are long-lasting.

Cellulite Subcision

Subcision is a surgical technique that releases the fibrous bands that tethers the fat compartment which is the main cause of the cellulite appearance. This cellulite treatment is only recommended for grade 2 and especially grade 3 cellulite.

How is it done?

1) Marking is first done with the patient standing up where areas of depressions such as the thighs and protrusions(nodules) are marked out.

2) The treatment region is then infused with tumescent anaesthesia, first in the deep fat layer followed by the superficial fat layer. This is an essential safety step as the tumescent fluid help to lift up the cellulite from the vital structures below and protects them from injury. Tumescent fluid also reduces bruising significantly and makes the subsequent subcision painless.

3) Subcision is performed with a non-coring needle. It is vital to ensure the correct depth of subcision is done. If it is too superficial, the skin layers might be injured. If it is too deep, it will produce negligible improvement to the cellulite.


The area may feel sore for two to three weeks after the cellulite treatment. Bruises may occur in certain spots and may take 1-2 weeks to disappear. Compression garments are encouraged and advised three weeks after the cellulite treatment to promote recovery and results.

Cost of Subcision Cellulite Treatment

Subcision Cellulite treatment in Singapore starts from $2800 onwards.


Cellulite is found in underweight and overweight people. However, the appearance of cellulite is probably worse with weight gain. Stretch marks are also one of the skin issues people can get when they lose weight.

The simple explanation is that people, mainly women, have more fats distributed at their hips (love handles), buttocks, and thighs and, therefore, more susceptible to cellulite.

Yes. With aging, the skin continues to lose its elasticity and become laxer, worsening cellulite. This also happens as the fatty deposits increase as people age.

One of the positive factors of a non-invasive cellulite treatment is that it won’t cause any pain. As the doctor carries on with the transformation procedure, it massages and smoothes the skin. The process can also be soothing and relaxing thanks to the innovative technologies they utilise. There is minimal pain involved with PLLA injections with topical anaesthesia. Tumescent anaesthesia is needed for cellulite subscription.

Radiofrequency and vacuum suction treatments typically offer an immediate treatment result but will require several cellulite treatment sessions to create a long term improvement. Sculptra treatments offer an immediate result that improves per treatment session. Subcision typically will have bruising and swelling after the cellulite treatment, but the results are distinct after a month and permanent.
Cellulite treatments that don’t require surgery do not have any significant side effects or downtime. There might be some bruising and swelling post PLLA injections. Subcision treatment may cause some bruising, swelling and discomfort in the cellulite treatment area for 1-2 weeks.

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