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OZ Baby Collagen is an anti-ageing solution designed to regenerate and reconstruct troubled skin.

OZ Baby Collagen is a specialised treatment our medical practitioners provide for those looking for an effective ageing prevention solution to improve skin laxity, density, and elasticity and regenerate and reconstruct their skin.

The nectar of longevity is now an injection away.


OZ Baby Collagen, also known as Type 1 Collagen Injection, is a new generation of collagen injection that is trailblazing the injectables suite. It has the capability of harnessing the body’s natural potential to:

Repair skin 
Restore volume 
Revive aged 
Catalyse collagen 

OZ Baby Collagen/Type 1 Collagen Injections are diverse in their capabilities; you may opt for them as a preventive or repair solution to skin ageing. These injections are differentiated from other forms of injection as they are the sole product in the market featuring bioactive, non-cross-linked type I collagen or heterologous type I collagen (HTIC) for intradermal injection. Additionally, it can stimulate and regenerate type 3 collagen. Type 3 collagen constitutes 5-20% of collagen content in the human body. Dominating the early phases of wound healing and granulation tissue formation, this collagen type is the second most abundant in soft tissues. 

OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 collagen injection is beginning to essentially replace “baby skin treatments” that utilise PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) due to their limited collagen biostimulation properties, which Type 1 Injection can overcome.

How does OZ Baby Collagen work?

As we age and reach our 30s, our body produces less collagen, an essential protein for providing structure and strength to our skin to prevent sagging. When we lack collagen, our skin starts to sag, and wrinkles develop, gradually losing our youthful glow. The effective approach to combat collagen loss and regaining a youthful glow involves replenishing the skin, restoring lost collagen, and stimulating the skin to generate more of this essential protein.

OZ Baby Collagen / Type I Collagen Injections, thus, foster the ideal environment for natural collagen regeneration to prevent signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dry skin, droopy or saggy skin, and loss of volume.

ageing skin
The skin starts to lose collagen and other structural components as we age, giving rise to wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity.

OZ Baby Collagen/Type 1 Collagen Injections are first broken down into peptides and amino acids in the skin. This triggers the activation and proliferation (rapid growth) of fibroblasts within the skin, promoting the production of endogenous collagen fibres (collagen synthesised by the body). This process optimises the skin’s reconstruction and regeneration and has strong anti-ageing clinical results.

Our bodies can self-repair and rejuvenate, driven by the intricate interplay of stem cells, their specific signalling peptides, and growth factors. Heterologous Type I Collagen (HTIC) creates optimal conditions for restoring connective tissue, contributing to dermal revitalisation. It plays an important role in the regeneration and reconstruction of connective tissue within the dermis, fostering ideal conditions for the physiological formation of collagen.

Benefits of OZ Baby Collagen

Fosters skin regeneration and rejuvenation, addressing skin ageing issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and lack of laxity
Enhances the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen to improve hydration and firmness
Improves overall skin texture, elasticity, volume, and appearance
Results in a healthier and more youthful look on the whole body
Enhances the body’s collagen-creation capability
Minimal discomfort and downtime
Minimally invasive
Free of allergenic telopeptides (will not cause allergic reactions)
Our Doctors

✓ Dr Park Ji-Youn, Medical Director of Ozhean Group

  • Founder and director of the Ozhean Skin and Plastic Surgery Network

✓ Dr Michelle Ng, Aesthetic Physician at Ozhean Zoey

  • Holds an extensive portfolio of filler and facial rejuvenation cases

✓ Dr Alfred Li, Aesthetic Physician at Ozhean Zoey

  • Dedicated to aesthetic dermatology anti-ageing and non-surgical rejuvenation

What conditions can OZ Baby Collagen treat?

OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection can address a plethora of skin issues as it works at extracellular matrix levels;

✓ Fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Scarring due to acne or injury
✓ Sagging and droopy skin
✓ Dull and tired skin appearance
✓ Stretch marks
✓ Loss of volume and definition on the face
✓ Skin sallowness
✓ Prevention for the inevitable loss of collagen due to ageing

OZ Baby Collagen can reverse and prevent the signs of ageing by fostering collagen production and boosting the skin’s health.

What is the procedure for OZ Baby Collagen (Type 1 Collagen Injection) like?

OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection is available in liquid forms and is administered via injection by our group of seasoned doctors. It involves using a microneedle and with sterile techniques. As a result, there is minimal discomfort and minimal downtime (or excellent skin recovery).

Numbing cream is applied before administering the product to further reduce discomfort. After the treatment, it’s normal to experience some mild redness and swelling. These symptoms should resolve on their own shortly (within hours) after the procedure, although some people may experience it for a day, depending on their skin condition.

The full results of this treatment are usually seen within four weeks of the first course when collagen is in rapid production. However, you should see visible results in the first week, such as firmer skin and a youthful glow. After a few weeks, you will notice that your skin is visibly lifted and has developed more volume, leading to plump skinFine lines, wrinkles, and scars should also lighten and become less visible. However, note that the exact results of the OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection treatment depend on your age, skin condition, and other lifestyle factors. Our learned and seasoned team of doctors will discuss these factors with you.

How many treatment sessions of OZ Baby Collagen / type 1 collagen injection are needed?

The number of OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection treatments depends on the individual. Typically, undergoing a treatment every 14 days up to 4 sessions and subsequent 2-3 sessions for maintenance is recommended. For more aged or sun-damaged skin, more sessions might be recommended. The effects of OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection will last approximately 12 months. After that, you may be advised to return for maintenance treatments every three to six months, depending on your skin.


As OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection is free from allergenic telopeptides, it is a safe product with minimal or zero side effects and allergic reactions. However, some redness and swelling are expected immediately after the procedure, which typically subsides rapidly. It is a registered medical product with a European CE mark. If you experience any adverse side effects after this treatment, contact us immediately.

Yes. Due to its bioactivity, products such as OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection effectively stimulate the production of new collagen fibres to enhance the skin and repair damaged cells.

It depends on your skin and how much it has been damaged due to ageing, sunlight, or smoking. In general, OZ Baby Collagen / Type 1 Collagen Injection is an effective solution to prevent signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess, especially when treatment is done before age 40.

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