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Every wonder how dark eye circle removal can be done? Let’s face it, dark eye circles make us look tired unwell and older. Unfortunately, the best eye creams and skincare have only a mild effect and most act as concealers.

How fresh we look can affect how fresh we feel. Of course, we can first understand the various causes of dark eye circles and adopt changes in our lifestyle to resolve eye circles. (like having adequate sleep and reducing fluid retention)

However, if the appearance of dark eye circles persists despite our best attempts it might be worthwhile to consider dark eye circle removal treatments. Many of such dark eye circle treatments in Singapore are simple office procedures, non-invasive and non-in with excellent safety and recoveries.


Dark eye circles are the darkening of the skin surrounding the eyes. A dark circle are to be differentiated from eye bags which are puffiness under the eye. The treatments for eye bags are also different.


Sunken eyes are hollowness around the eye area that is due to a lack of fat tissue. As a result, dark eye rings are obvious and makes the eyes also look tired and fatigued. These are also known as “tear troughs” (as the tear flows along these grooves). Fillers or threads work wonderfully to reduce the appearance of sunken eyes and tear troughs.


Dark eye circle removal treatment and sunken eye treatment depend on understanding their various causes. The following are the main causes:


The skin surrounding the eyes is typically very thin. It is in fact 4 times thinner than the skin in the rest of the body. As we age we lose collagen in the skin and also the cheek fat. As a result, fine lines form more easily and the dark blood vessels under the skin become more obvious. The loss of cheek fat makes the eye area appear more hollow and the face more skeletal in appearance.

Weight Loss

As we lose weight we also lose facial fat. The volume loss of cheek fat draping below the eyes makes the eyes look more sunken


It is likely that if you have dark eye circles, someone in your family might also have the same issue. Certain races have more deep-set eyes and therefore have more shadows under the eyes to make them look sunken. Darker complexions might have more pigmentation around the eye area due to a higher amount of melanin in the area.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep, sleep deprivation, extreme fatigue or oversleeping can affect the blood circulation of the skin under the eyes. As a result, the dark blood vessels show more and causes an appearance of dark circles.


Another common cause of dark eye circles is dehydration. Dehydration can be caused by various factors, one being alcohol consumption. The lack of water content around the eye area causes the skin to be dull and the eyes appear sunken.

Sun Exposure

The sun with its UV (ultraviolet) rays can cause the skin surrounding the eyes to darken due to excessive pigmentation.


Allergies or allergic reactions due to various factors can cause a “histamine” response. The skin blood vessels will dilate and appear more obvious under the skin. There will also be inflammation of the skin causing redness, dryness and itchiness. Constant rubbing of the skin may also unwanted pigmentation to form.


Smoking causes accelerated ageing and deplete the collagen for the lower eyelids’ skin. Thinning of the eyelid will make the blood vessels more visible and worsen dark circles.

Sinus infections

Sinus infections such as allergic rhinitis are often associated with inflammation of the eyelid skin. This leads to the darkening of the eyelid skin. Inflammation also causes itchiness which leads to rubbing of the skin which worsens eyelid skin pigmentation.


Nose Fillers Singapore

An injection to sculpt the nose? 14 years ago when nose fillers were first introduced to the Singapore aesthetic market, it would seem to be too good to be true.After all, back then, only surgery or rhinoplasty was the only means of nose augmentation.Nose fillers are a non-surgical nose augmentation with the injection of filler materials, the commonest being hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for patients who are not ready for surgery either because they cannot accept the surgical risks like scarring or the surgical costs.It is also suitable for noses that only need a mild to moderate augmentation of the nose bridge and a mild refinement of the nose tip.Surgery is still the treatment of choice for noses that have very flat nose bridges, depressed nose tips and large round alars (nostrils).

Since then nose fillers have gotten very popular in Singapore especially among younger patients.However recently, its popularity has declined because of reports of eye blindness associated with nose fillers.

Advanced Nano & Proyellow Laser

Proyellow Laser

Proyellow laser is one of the gold standards for the laser treatments of facial flushing, face redness, and skin vessels under the eyes. It is excellent to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

a. The gold treatment of flushing (red skin) and face veins

b. By reducing the skin redness instantly, you will experience an immediate brightening of your face.  The results are instantaneous, in fact, some clinics tout it as a “glass skin laser”.

How does it work?

Proyellow laser has a wavelength of 577 nm which specifically targets hemoglobin and therefore the fine blood vessels of the skin.  Compared to the dual yellow laser which combines wavelengths of 535 nm (green light) and 577nm (pure yellow light), Proyellow is a pure wavelength of 577 nm.  This specific wavelength allows Proyellow to treat safely and effectively most vascular conditions like Rosacea, red acne marks, uneven skin tone and certain pigmentation.

** More details about our Proyellow Laser Treatments are found in the services page.**

Curas Advaced Nano Laser

Curas Advanced Nano Laser is the latest generation of Q- switch lasers that promised a more optimal performance for the treatment of various pigmentation conditions.  Curas has a consistently high-quality beam profile that offers a superior clearance of pigmentation problems at lower energies compared to other Q switch devices.

Advanced nano laser is excellent to reduce the pigmentation of the eyelids. What happens immediately after each session is a distinct brightening of the eyelid skin.

Both Curas Advanced Nano laser and Proyellow laser are part of the PICOMAX program and you can read out more about it here.

Treatments for dark eye circles under your eyes and sunken eyes have gotten even more popular during these times as the eyes are the area of the face that is unmasked. The value of these dark circle removal treatments is distinctly visible, which is the appearance of fresher more youthful eyes. They also have minimal down time and recovery time. For eye bags treatment, you can find out more about it here.

Tear Trough Fillers

Dermal fillers are particularly useful to fill up the hollows around the eyes and also to volumize the cheeks. It helps to resolve the appearance of sunken eyes and also help reduce a dark eye circle. The results are distinct and visible. Fillers are a good procedure to resolve obvious tear troughs or eye rings under the eyes.  The choice of dermal fillers is important, soft fillers are preferred over harder ones as they are more natural for the cheeks. The placement of fillers is also important. Deeper placements of fillers are preferred as they not only lifts the cheeks but appears less bumpy.

How are Tear Trough fillers done?

1) The face is first examined along with tear troughs. Signs of ageing on other areas of the face are also assessed
2) Topical local anaesthesia is applied to the lower eyelids area.
3) Markings are made on the eyelids area, areas that will require more filling are noted.
4) The fillers are then administered into the eyelid area. The results are instant.
  1. Simple office procedure
  2. Minimally invasive
  3. Minimal Discomfort
  4. Minimal downtime
  5. 50% or more concealment of eyebags
  6. Results can last up to 2 years
  7. Hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible

Costs of Under eye fillers is from $900 onwards

Baby Skin Eyes / Zoey Skin Eyes

The combination of rejuran, hyaluronic acid, dysport and anti-oxidants is what baby skin such a rejuvenating procedure for dry, pigmented thin skin that surrounds the eyes and for the dark eye circle.

This is by far the most popular choice of eye circle treatment in Ozhean Zoey. Why is this so?

  1. Quick procedure of 10 mins each side
  2. Minimal discomfort with topical anaesthesia
  3. Immediate results are seen after a few days
  4. Minimal down time of half a day (small bumps might be noted after the dark
  5. Eye circles treatment which takes a few hours to resolve)

Zoey skin eyes is a quick procedure with dark eye circles and sunken eyes. The additional effects that it offers compared to under-eye fillers is the hydration of the skin around the eyes and extra wrinkle reduction result.

Cost of Zoey skin eyes start from $400 onwards.

Under eye threads (for dark eye circles or sunken eyes)

Another popular minimally invasive eye bag treatment is undereye or eyebag threads. Done under local anaesthesia, this procedure is done with minimal pain. What it involves is the administering of fine absorbable threads over the under-eye area. The threads not only have a “filling” effect of reducing the appearance of sunken eyes and dark eye circles. It also stimulates collagen production in the eyebag area and causes tightening of the lower eyelid’s skin and the eye bags. There is a “whitening” effect on the eyelid skin, thereby reducing the appearance of dark eye circles.

  1. Minimally invasive
  2. Little discomfort with local anaesthesia
  3. Stimulates collagen and cause tightening
  4. Gets rid of wrinkles in addition to resolving eye bags

There is a minimal risk of under-eye threads damaging any important structures as long as the threads are inserted at the right tissue plane. Thread extrusion, which is the threads sticking out of the skin, can occur if the threads are places wrongly and too superficially. This can be easily avoided with proper insertion techniques by the doctor. Bruising can potentially occur because the lower eyelid is surrounded by a rich plexus of blood vessels. This is minimised with gentle, careful techniques. Bruising is also minimised with pre-treatment with Ozhean Zoey’s ultrasound treatment.

Costs of under-eye filler start from $900 onwards.

Agnes Skin tightening

If you have loose eyelid skin with wrinkles in addition to the sunken eyes, then perhaps Agnes skin tightening is the procedure you should consider. Agnes radiofrequency treatment tightens the skin around the eyes and thereby reducing the appearance of sunken eyes. In addition, the wrinkles in the eye region visibly reduced. How is this procedure done safely and with minimal discomfort?

Agnes is a unique micro needle radiofrequency device that administers radio frequency energy waves at precise depths because of precise treatment tips. This stimulates collagen remodelling and production in the skin. As a result, loose, saggy skin gets significantly tightened. A different treatment tip will target deeper into the eyebag fat pads. Temperatures are raised high enough (beyond 70 degrees) to coagulate the fat and also to liquefy it. As the radio frequency was delivered shot by shot in a very controlled, safe manner, the treatment helps to get rid of excess fat without the risk of the heat spreading to the surrounding tissues to cause any damage. Agnes eyebag offer distinctly visible results in each session.

    1. Local anaesthesia is given to the area
    2. Agnes fat removal treatment is done for the eyebags
    3. Agnes skin tightening is done for the eyelid
    4. Post care is advised.
    5. LDM ultrasound treatment is done to reduce redness by 50% (optional)
    6. Typically, redness takes one day to subside
    7. The risk of bruising is 10%, and if it occurs, it is usually mild and takes 5-7 days to subside
  1. Non-surgical and minimally invasive (no visible scars
  2. Comfortable procedure with local anaesthesia
  3. Visible improvement of at least 40% reduction of eyebags and 30% improvement of eye wrinkles
  1. Risk of mild bruising
  2. Post Treatment swelling, which takes 1-2 days to subside with medication

Agnes eye bag removal starts from $2500 onwards.


Proyellow pigmentation laser treatment would be ideal to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and yields long term results. For sunken eyes, dermal fillers will offer the best results. If skin tightening is desired, Agnes radiofrequency treatment or under eye threads will be ideal. For an immediate quick fix, Zoey skin eyes will be ideal.

Patients can also opt for home remedies such as applying a cold compress or tea bags onto the eyes and using an eye cream that has a vitamin E content. You can add this step to your skin care routine. Also, practice drinking green tea as the content in it is good for the eyes.

The medical treatments mentioned above are safe, lunchtime procedures with minimal down time.

Yes, a dark eye circle respond very well to both Proyellow and Curas Laser Treatments.

Laser treatments for dark eye circles start from $280 onwards. Filler treatments for sunken eyes start from $800 onwards.

Laser treatments for dark circles are permanent provided the causes of dark eye circles like allergic rhinitis are treated.

Dark circles can be caused by certain conditions such as allergic rhinitis, dehydration or allergies. It is best to consult a doctor if you have symptoms of allergies.

Laser treatments at Ozhean typically give an instant brightening and whitening effect on the dark eye circles. Progressively the results accumulate over each session. Filler treatments, baby skin treatments give immediate results after the treatment.

There is no down time for laser treatments and fillers. Agnes skin tightening typically causes a day of skin redness.

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