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A non-invasive solution for healthy skin rejuvenation now available at Ozhean Zoey

10Therma uses radiofrequency energy to promote collagen regeneration naturally without discomfort or surgery. Our medical practitioners recommend this treatment to achieve a youthful and healthy glow while improving skin tone and texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin stays well-protected from skin burns during this treatment, and you’ll see continuous improvements over the next six months.

Boost your collagen, Boost your confidence
Patients are kept comfortable during the 10Therma procedure due to the Smart Temperature Cooling System (S.T.C)
As we age, fine lines and wrinkles tend to form due to a lack of collagen.

What is 10Therma?

10Therma is a monopolar radiofrequency (RF) medical-grade device that regenerates collagen in a non-invasive way. Our bodies produce sufficient collagen to maintain skin hydration and elasticity, but we lose a significant amount as we age. When that happens, our skin begins to lack volume and moisture, with fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness more likely to develop. RF energy stimulates collagen production to treat skin and ageing issues, such as sagging skin, and improve dull skin tones. Providing a natural lift, 10Therma also rejuvenates the skin for a refreshed and youthful look.


10Therma delivers high heat levels at targeted areas on the face. This promotes collagen production regeneration in the dermis layer of the skin. While results are immediately seen after the procedure, such as tighter skin, it takes time for collagen levels to rise during the recovery phase. Therefore, the full results are seen six months after the initial session. After that, the skin becomes noticeably plumper and firmer with a naturally rejuvenated and radiant appearance.  

An FDA-cleared aesthetic medical device, 10Therma is known to be safe with a low risk of skin burn due to the Smart Temperature Cooling System, vertical vibration technology, and tip pressure sensor. Therefore, especially for those with coloured skin, the risks of hyperpigmentation caused by burns from radiofrequency energy are significantly reduced. The cooling system also prevents the patient from feeling discomfort and pain during the procedure. 

10Therma also assesses skin conduciveness, which is your skin’s resistance level to treatment, with the impedance-checking technology. This allows for personalised treatments, as everyone’s moisture levels are different. By tailoring energy delivery levels to suit everyone’s unique skin, there is a higher success rate for those who choose this option for skin rejuvenation.

Facial Lifting Effect

10Therma delivers high heat to boost collagen and provide a natural and long-lasting lifting effect.


Comfortable, non-invasive, and safe with no downtime
Treats a wide range of skin issues from wrinkles to facial volume loss
Provides a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated appearance
Delays or reverses the signs of ageing
Long-lasting effect (up to 12 months)
Immediate results with continuous improvement over six months
Our Doctors

✓ Dr Park Ji-Youn, Medical Director of Ozhean Group

  • Founder and director of the Ozhean Skin and Plastic Surgery Network

✓ Dr Michelle Ng, Aesthetic Physician at Ozhean Zoey

  • Holds an extensive portfolio of filler and facial rejuvenation cases

✓ Dr Alfred Li, Aesthetic Physician at Ozhean Zoey

  • Dedicated to aesthetic dermatology anti-ageing and non-surgical rejuvenation


10Therma treats a wide range of skin issues and conditions, including:

  • Sagging and droopy skin
  • Fine lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • Dull skin tone and texture
  • Lack of elasticity and moisture

10THERMA has 4 different types of tips,
optimized for each part of the body


It depends on the individual and their skin type, as well as the severity of skin damage, but in general, only one treatment session every 12 months is needed. The session lasts approximately 40-50 minutes, with very little downtime. As it is a non-surgical procedure, most people can get back to their daily routine immediately after the procedure.

Interested in a facial rejuvenation treatment? Find out if 10Therma is right for you. Contact us for a personalised skin assessment.

collagen rejuvenation
Experience a healthy and youthful glow six months after the treatment as collagen levels naturally rise.


Patients are advised to wait at least six months to see the full results of the 10Therma treatment. After that, you can expect to see fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and your skin should feel plumper with a natural lift. Due to the collagen boost, you may also notice a youthful and healthy glow.
Due to the cooling system, there is minimal pain and discomfort felt during this procedure. However, everyone’s pain tolerance is different. If you experience any pain during or after the procedure, let our doctors know immediately.
Radiofrequency energy treatments for the face, such as 10Therma, are known to be safe and do not damage the skin. Some mild redness and swelling may occur but should subside within 24-48 hours.
10Therma is generally safe due to its non-invasive nature. The safety is particularly pronounced with its embedded Smart Temperature Cooling System. 10Therma’s advanced cooling and vibration mechanism ensures skin barrier and deeper dermis are not injured during the procedure.

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