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A proprietary laser that harnesses the power of 4 lasers

A combination of four of our most effective laser treatments, formulated for those eager to achieve porcelain skin. Quadralase is designed for patients with various skin conditions in mind, offering transformative results in just one session.

Quadralase is Ozhean Zoey’s synergistic 4-laser combination treatment, carefully formulated by Korean dermatologists to maximize the potential of laser treatments. It was explicitly created to address a range of skin concerns, targeting various dermal depths simultaneously.


4 lasers, 4x Benefits

Each laser targets different layers of the skin and addresses multiple issues progressively.

Pro Yellow Laser

Dubbed as the “glass skin laser”, the Pro Yellow Laser does exactly what it promises to – produce bright, glowy skin. The Proyellow Laser emits light that is absorbed by the dermis and specifically targets haemoglobin in red blood cells. This laser allows for the constriction and breakdown of blood vessels, significantly treating vascular conditions and pigmentation. The Proyellow Laser also has the ability to boost collagen production.

Long Pulse Laser

The second step of the treatment entails the use of our newly introduced Long Pulse Laser. The Long Pulse Laser administers a pulse with a duration ranging from 250 microseconds to 300 milliseconds, providing a considerable range in pulse duration that enables it to address various skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, hair removal and many more. A hallmark feature of our Long Pulse Laser lies in its ability to induce a gentle, controlled heating effect when utilising longer pulse durations. This technology culminates in impressive skin lifting and tightening effects, attesting to the device’s prowess in achieving tangible results.


Curas Laser

The Curas Advanced Nano Laser comes with three different modes to safely resolve stubborn pigmentation like melasma with minimal discomfort. An improved version of the Nd:YAG laser, the Curas Laser can be toggled to tailor treatment and comes with three modes; Q-switch, melasma, and genesis. This laser provides the ability to specifically target areas of damage without compromising surrounding healthy tissues. The mode required to treat your skin will depend upon skin concerns.

Pico Laser

The treatment is wrapped up with Pico Laser, Singapore’s most popular type of laser treatment. We have deduced this laser, at best, will treat superficial skin imperfections, giving your face a nice finish. Pico Laser is known for ridding light scars and reducing fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen.

Our Doctors

✓ Treats multiple skin concerns at once

✓ Achieves taut and clear skin

✓ Melanin-friendly solution for Asian skin

✓ Immediate results


Quadrupled efficiency for a plethora of skin issues

Whether it is cystic acne, fungal acne, nodular acne, or hormonal acne, Quadralase revives the skin’s health by achieving skin balance on top of dealing with the consequential scars. Pigmentation, ice pick scars, and boxcar scars from acne are treated concurrently achieving an overall glow.
Melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation
Quadralase targets both dermal and epidermal melanin deposits while simultaneously suppressing inflammation. Its capabilities extend to treating pigmentation issues such as skin discoloration, pigmented lesions, and post-inflammatory pigmentation, showcasing its ability to perform beyond a superficial level.
Fine lines and wrinkles
Quadralase supports collagen production at the deeper dermal layers, effortlessly overcoming signs of superficial aging. Expect taut, rejuvenated skin with noticeable improvements in skin texture and reduction in wrinkles.
Rosacea, redness and vascular lesions
Quadralase effectively suppresses inflammation leading to redness on the skin. In addressing vascular lesions, the treatment excels in coagulation, allowing for the gentle shedding of lesions.

Instantly improved skin texture, appearance, and confidence

After the treatment, you can expect immediate brightening of the skin. Individuals with serious skin conditions are guaranteed an improvement in skin appearance. In most cases, the likelihood of experiencing no rebounds can be anticipated.

Why Choose 4 Lasers Instead of 1?

How many treatment sessions are needed?

With four lasers, most skin concerns can be addressed in a single treatment, although this may vary based on individual skin conditions and requirements. We strongly encourage booking a consultation to gain a clearer understanding of what this treatment would entail for you.


Quadralase trial starts from $299 nett.
Combining laser treatment has been practiced in the industry for years and has proven higher efficacy than a singular treatment. We offer evidence-based treatments and ensure the safety of the treatments offered.
Most of our patients have reported a tingling sensation at most. Your comfort is ourhighest priority and we will ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. Treatment will also include the application of numbing cream by our trained therapist to achieve a painless procedure.
The procedure time itself takes around 30 minutes. Including consultation and post-care, the whole session will take 1.5 hours – 2 hours.
There is minimal downtime for Quadralase. This may differ for more serious skin concerns where scabbing may occur.
With Ultherapy®, there is little to no downtime. After your procedure, you can resume your normal activities immediately, without having to follow any special post-treatment measures.

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