You woke up one day, and you start to notice that your skin is beginning to show signs of aging. While our body, including our skin, may change as we get older, there are ways we can help reduce the chances of it from happening, especially at a younger age. Profhilo is one of the most recommended skin rejuvenating treatments by a lot of specialists. As per the Chinese, Profhilo is a “time-reversing injection”.

Profhilo has been widely used in the industry since 2015. But during then, its use was only limited to certain countries within Europe. Luckily, the treatment has found its way to Singapore, making it one of the popular treatments in the country.

But what is Profhilo, and why does everyone go crazy over it nowadays? Let’s find out why.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable medication that injects hyaluronic acid into the skin’s layers. Hyaluronic acid aids in the retention of moisture in the skin, resulting in a more radiant appearance. Profhilo can also stimulate collagen and elastin formation, which are essential for skin tightening.

While Profhilo’s key ingredient has similarities to dermal fillers and skinboosters, its hyaluronic acid content is substantially different. The treatment is able to bioremodel the skin tissue enhancing skin hydration and skin firmness by collagen formation. Profhilo has a compound formation called Hybrid Cooperative Complex (HCC) which consists of high and low molecular weight HA.

High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

H-HA gives a lifting effect as the compound provides a stable hyaluronic acid structure in the dermis.

Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

L-HA is released slowly into the skin dermis as a hybrid complex. This then promotes hydration.

How does Profhilo work?

Profhilo works to stimulate fibroblast cells in the dermis to increase the natural production of collagen and elastin fibres. The treatment also reduces sagging and other skin laxity issues. With the hydrating effect of Profhilo, the skin’s elasticity is maintained, and dryness will be the least of your problems.

Profhilo is a safe treatment, but unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. Those who are in dire need of improving their skin quality, such as its hydration, are usually the ones who avail the treatment. Other indications for individuals who are suited for Profhilo includes the following:

    • Dry skin structure
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Middle-aged individuals
    • A mild or moderate case of skin laxity

Where can Profhilo be injected?

Profhilo has a technique called  Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) which is used to treat the lower parts of the face and neck. Profhilo has also been used to treat and improve the appearance of the hands, knees, decolletage, and other parts of the body where skin laxity is present. Below are the areas Profhilo can be utilised:

    • Eye area
    • Forehead
    • Hands & arms
    • Cheeks
    • Chin
    • Chest
    • Abdomen
    • Depressed acne scars
    • Neck
    • Knees

Benefits of Profhilo

Profhilo not only hydrates but also gives a rejuvenated and tightened effect to the skin. If you’re looking for a treatment to improve your aging skin, Profhilo is surely one of the best treatment for that. Here are some of the benefits of Profhilo:

    • Stimulates productions of collagen and elastin fibres
    • Provides skin tightening and lifting
    • It can be combined with other skin rejuvenating treatments
    • Longer-lasting than other hyaluronic acid-based treatments
    • Little to no downtime
    • It uses pure HA and no other chemical additives
    • Side effects are minimal and fade away fast
    • Safe and effective
    • Improves skin’s hydration
    • Supports with tissue repairing

Profhilo Treatment Procedure

HIFU is a non-surgical procedure that can be used to replace face lift surgery. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved both the treatment and the HIFU device to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. This way, the skin will look more firm and toned. HIFU is a treatment for facial rejuvenation and body contouring. It uses ultrasound energy to heat tissues under the skin’s surface. Your skin cells may suffer some damage as soon as the energy waves reach a certain temperature. Although this procedure may sound a bit alarming, it actually encourages the cells to make more collagen. The more collagen produced in the affected area, the more your skin will tighten and have a smoother appearance.

Since the ultrasound energy only targets the tissue under the surface of the skin, HIFU is considered a safe and effective procedure. Patients should be assured that HIFU will not damage their skin’s outer layers. Even though HIFU is a popular choice for skin tightening, it may not always be the recommended treatment for certain people. This treatment is normally recommended for adults over the age of 30. Older patients who have severe cases of sagging skin may be advised to take face lift surgery.

What results can be expected?

Profhilo gives a subtle yet noticeable result. The treatment procedure helps to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin folds. Although the results are not as significant as a surgical facelift, Profhilo still gives your skin a natural-looking skin rejuvenation effect. Four weeks after the treatment procedure, you’d best expect your skin to appear more hydrated, And by the 12th week, the skin will appear more firm and rejuvenated.

Comparison with Fillers, Skinboosters & Rejuran Healer

Profhilo can seldomly be confused with a number of treatments, including fillers, skin boosters, and Rejuran Healer. All of these treatments are special in their own way. Their qualities and results are different, but all give substantial benefits. Also, not all treatments are suitable for every patient. That’s why people should first consult with a dermatologist so their skin can be analysed and the specialist will be able to determine which is the ideal treatment for their condition. The skin texture, laxity, scar size, pore size, and even skin tone are some of the main factors that the dermatologist will have to check.  In our clinic experience, zoey or baby skin treatments (which is our proprietary cocktail of skinboosters and rejuran) yields a more superior result for the skin whereas Profhilo has a more distinct skin lifting effect.

But, if you have enough knowledge about the possible skin rejuvenation treatment that we’ve mentioned, it might help your doctor easily determine what you want for your skin.

Profhilo vs Fillers

Fillers are mainly used to treat sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and areas that have lost their volume. Fillers can also be utilised to alter the nose and cheeks and give it a lifted appearance. There are various filler substances that dermatologists use, and such include hyaluronic acid, collagen, and even the patient’s fat tissues. How long the treatment results will last mainly depends on the number of sessions (touch-ups), the skin condition, the patient’s age, and the substance used.

As for Profhilo, the treatment is like injectable skincare as it treats the skin from within. Dermal fillers may change a person’s appearance, but that’s not the case with Profhilo. Profhilo is done by injecting a high concentration of HA into the dermis to promote hydration. This way, the skin will appear smoother, moisturised, and rejuvenated.  Think of it this way: profhilo is more a skin lifting and rejuvenating treatment whereas fillers is more for restoring facial volume and features augmentation like the nose, cheeks, and chin.

Profhilo vs Skinboosters

Both Profhilo and skinbooster treatments use hyaluronic acid. The main purpose of skinboosters is to hydrate the skin and restore its elasticity by replacing lost HAs. Profhilo, on the other hand, is not like a dermal filler nor a skin booster that improves the volume of the skin. The treatment uses a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to remodel layers of skin tissues. Generally speaking, profhilo halts the aging process and provides hydration while skin boosters instantly give a lifted appearance on the skin as it restores elasticity.

Profhilo vs Rejuran Healer

Profhilo and Rejuran Healer can be quite similar, making a lot of people confused about which is which. Rejuran Healer is also one of the popular treatments to treat conditions that Profhilo commonly treats, such as wrinkles and acne scars. A lot of experts refer to Rejuran Healer as an injectable moisturiser. Generally speaking, they’re not wrong as the treatment contains a small amount of hyaluronic acid (HA), which helps to hydrate the skin. Rejuran Healers’ main active ingredient is polynucleotide (PN or PDRN) which can be obtained from salmon sperm. With the help of this component, the Rejuran Healer helps to stimulate tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and build collagen and elastin in the human skin.

As for Profhilo, its active ingredients is a compound of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This formation is called Hybrid Cooperative Complex (HCC). Profhilo triggers the production of collagen and elastin fibre as it bioremodels and hydrates the skin. The treatments also activate the stem cells in the dermis. Prohilo is injected in each side of the neck and face with over 5 injection points. As for the Rejuran Healer, there will be more injection points.


Is Profhilo Safe?

Is Profhilo Safe?

Profhilo has been a safe and effective treatment for years. Since Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid (HA), you won’t have to worry about any severe side effects. Experts have also stated that HA is relatively safe to be injected into the dermis.

Is the treatment painful?

Is the treatment painful?

The numbing cream that our doctors use helps to make the treatment tolerable. As per our previous clients, they only felt some slight pain that is pretty much tolerable. Even those who have low pain tolerance won’t have any trouble with Profhilo.

What is the downtime after Profhilo injection?

What is the downtime after Profhilo injection?

Patients may only expect mild side effects such as swelling and redness which will subside in a few hours. Make sure not to touch the injection site to avoid worsening the swelling. With the minimal side effects of Profhilo, patients won’t have to postpone any plans they’ve made for the upcoming days.

Are there any side effects?

Are there any side effects?

The good thing about Profhilo is that it doesn’t cause any long-term side effects. Patients don’t even have to worry about inflammation reactions as the treatment protocol is bio-compatible. The only side effects you’d expect is minimal bruising, redness, and swelling, which usually subsides in a few hours.

How long do the effects last?

How long do the effects last?

Generally, the duration of the results from Profhilo highly depends on the patient’s lifestyle. But assuming that the patient practices proper skincare and eats a healthy diet, effects can last for about nine months to a year. By the time they’ve reached their 6th month, they can already opt for another profhilo treatment procedure.

How often is profhilo treatment required?

How often is profhilo treatment required?

Profhilo is normally taken with two sessions that have one month apart per session. As for those with much more severe cases, they can consider taking another session a month apart after their second session. This way, they can get the ideal results. To maintain the effects of Profhilo, you can have the treatment repeated after 6 to 12 months.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes. Profhilo can be combined with dermal fillers, HIFU, Botox, Thermage, Ultherapy, or other laser treatments. Consult with our professional dermatologists to know more about treatment combinations.