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PDRN Filler

What is PDRN Filler?

The PDRN Filler injectable gel, formulated with polynucleotides (PN), aims to rejuvenate fatigued skin. PDRN Filler possesses high viscoelasticity, effectively rejuvenating skin complexion, accelerating wound healing, and rejuvenating skin tissue by permeating and activating deeper skin layers. This process stimulates fibroblasts to generate new collagen, resulting in a natural lift and volumising effect on the face.

PDRN Filler is a 100% polynucleotide (PN) gel formulated in Italy. It is obtained from salmon DNA, which is biocompatible to us. Thus, it suits all skin types, allowing for a younger, more robust, and rejuvenated appearance.

PDRN Filler was explicitly designed to revive dull and tired skin.

There are three main formulations of PDRN Fillers; these are:

PDRN Filler SOFT 0.75%
  • 1.5ml glass vial
  • pH between 6.8-7.2
  • 28 to 43 PA*S viscosity
  • Two 30g 13mm needles included per box
  • 1.5ml glass vial
  • pH between 6.8-7.2
  • 28 to 43 PA*S viscosity
  • Two 30g 13mm needles included per box
PDRN Filler STRONG 2.5%
  • 1.5ml glass vial
  • pH between 6.8-7.2
  • 48 to 65 PA*S viscosity
  • Two 30g 13mm needles included per box
At Ozhean Zoey, the polynucleotide concentration is chosen based on each patient’s needs and conditions. This is why we take the time to carefully assess every individual patient before offering a tailored PDRN Filler treatment plan.

PDRN Filler treatment needs to be repeated thrice every 15 to 30 days to be effective in the long term.

How does PDRN Filler work?

PDRN Filler contains polynucleotide chains with high molecular weight. These chains possess significant viscoelasticity and can bind a substantial amount of water molecules, leading to:
PDRN Filler’s strong moisturising prowess stems from its role as an “electrostatic sponge,” delivering intensive hydration to tissues and ensuring cellular well-being.
The polymeric molecules in PDRN Fillers swiftly act against free radicals (unstable molecules that harm skin cells), providing immense protection and aiding skin recovery.
PDRN Filler promotes bio restructuring in cell metabolic activity and reintegrates fundamental components into the skin to restore and preserve youthful functionality.
nucleofill singapore
PDRN Filler allows for deep hydration of the skin layers.

Benefits of PDRN Filler

Intensely hydrates different layers of the skin
Long-lasting effect
Improves skin tone and texture
Increases skin elasticity
Reinvigorates cell function and activity
Strong lifting and anti-ageing results
Allows for deep bio-remodelling and lifting effects

What can PDRN Filler treat?

PDRN Filler is an effective solution for anyone who suffers from:

  • Skin that lacks oxygen
  • Dry skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring
  • Skin laxity

As such, PDRN Filler is a suitable treatment solution for individuals who are looking to:

  • Rejuvenate and lift their skin
  • Look younger and healthier
  • Achieve a more vibrant complexion
  • Add more definition to their facial appearance
  • Regain overall skin health
  • Treat skin texture, tone, and elasticity issues
nucleofill treatment results
PDRN Filler results in an improvement in overall skin health.

What is the PDRN Filler procedure like?

Before your treatment, your doctor will discuss and review your condition during a consultation session. At the start of the procedure, numbing cream will be applied to your face. After that, the treatment areas will be marked. Finally, your doctor will perform injections of varying strengths to your desired areas.

Because PDRN Filler is injected into the skin using a proprietary 7-point bio-restructuring technique, it allows for better cell stimulation within the deeper layers of the skin, leading to the revival of the skin’s original youthful functions. This injection technique also allows for an additional lifting effect, resulting in a healthier appearance and a more defined, contoured, three-dimensional visage.


The brand of PDRN Filler that we use at Ozhean Zoey is Nucleofill.

If patients receive treatment once every 15-30 days and for a minimum of three consecutive sessions, they will notice continuous and significant improvement in their skin condition. During these intervals, patients will experience the following:

  • 1-2 hours: increased hydration and mild swelling
  • 48 hours: activation of metabolic processes
  • 7-10 days: enzymatic degradation begins
  • 15 days: complete elimination

Although the effects of PDRN Filler appear gradual, the rejuvenating and skin-lifting transformations will last for an extended period, at least six months.

There is little to no downtime required after PDRN Filler treatment. While some individuals might notice bumps, minimal bruising, or slight swelling on their treated areas, these usually go away within a week.

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