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We make you feel beautifully confident by providing tailored solutions for your aesthetic needs.

We are committed to your care by offering professional advice on treatments that will work for your skin but also ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Dr Mark

Aesthetic Physician


Client Care Manager


Clinic Therapist


Clinic Therapist


Customer Care Manager

Prior to joining Ozhean Zoey, I was a veteran in the slimming industry and was holding a senior managerial post in my previous company. Helping my clients achieve their desired body shapes and beauty goals has always been my passion and satisfaction. It has always been my dream to be in medical aesthetics and to bring my customer care to a higher professional level. Which has been so since I joined Ozhean Zoey. Here I am equipped with competency in both medical knowledge and patient care. Personally, I firmly believe that empathy and sincerity to our clients, such as delivering optimal clinical results and customer care, are paramount in offering the best Ozhean Zoey experience to them. When clients feel safe, respected and felt that I have their best interests at heart , I know I have succeeded. It has been such a privilege to work with skillful and knowledgeable doctors here and I look forward to grow with OZhean Zoey in becoming one of the most trusted brands in the medical aesthetic industry. I love to paint and read in my spare time.

We deliver aesthetic results and patient experience while transforming lives one face at a time.