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Dr. Park Ji Youn: It’s 2022 - it’s time we focus on new melasma treatment approaches that work

December 29, 2021
Lady suffering from melasma 2

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll quickly understand just how many services and products are offered today when it comes to melasma. Dig a little further online, and you’ll also realise that there is a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to treating different types of melasma on different skin tones. The biggest problem melasma patients face is not a lack of treatment options, but a huge shortage of guidance and knowledge.

This is why even with a host of affordable options, melasma patients struggle to find treatment options that actually work long term, do not cause a rebound, and do not worsen the condition of their skin. And let’s not even get started about the fact that some professionals themselves are almost nearly clueless about the true efficacies of the technology they are using on their clients.

Be careful about the types of melasma treatments you pick, as they could make your condition worse.

How should we really treat melasma?

The principles I adhere to for treating pigmentation also apply to melasma, and because this condition is so delicate and tricky, I employ the use of Secret RF microneedling on top of laser treatment. While microneedling is still a relatively new method in pigmentation treatment, several clinical studies1 have already demonstrated the efficacies of microneedling combined with laser toning when it comes to treating recalcitrant melasma. 

In addition, radiofrequency microneedling is very safe and effective, and can be used repeatedly in combination with laser treatments to treat individuals with darker skin. 

However, Secret RF alone is not enough to effectively treat melasma - later in this article I’ll detail how Secret RF and lasers work synergistically to tackle this condition. 

Why Secret RF works for melasma

Dermatologists have postulated that melasma is associated with thinning skin, and this is where Secret RF truly shines: Microneedling has added benefits of thickening the skin and improving its collagen content, leading to a reduction of fine lines, skin tightening, and distinct rejuvenation effects2.  It also improves acne, acne scars, axillary hyperhidrosis (sweaty armpits), and even cellulite3.

In other words, Secret RF brings distinct anti-aging results to the skin when used with lasers to treat melasma. Various studies show that microneedling, combined with laser toning, show distinctly more pronounced and sustained pigmentation improvement in patients. 

As Secret RF triggers collagen and elastin production, our patients often find themselves delighted that apart from healing their melasma, they’ve developed tighter, healthier skin, and a significantly more youthful appearance. And the best part about it is that with the use of numbing creams, there is little to no pain involved for my clients.

A combination of lasers + Secret RF effectively treats melasma

How exactly do these lasers work together with Secret RF to treat melasma?

The importance of finding a melasma treatment approach that works

In many practices, quality pre-procedure discussions are not always available to clients, and this deeply saddens me, as factors such as ethnicity, skin tone and more are all crucial components that your dermatologist needs to understand before using any form of treatment on you. 

After all, melasma treatments only work if your dermatologist actually understands what your skin needs, and fully knows the technology they are using on your skin.

This is why at Ozhean Zoey, we take painstaking measures to make sure that our clients’ laser programs are customised in the way that best suits their condition, skin age, skin thickness, and more. 

If you’re looking for an effective melasma treatment that boasts almost zero downtime, is suitable for all skin types, and obliterates the worry and risk of side effects such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, you want to explore the benefits of Secret RF combined with Pico Laser treatments. It only takes 1-3 Secret RF and Pico Laser treatment sessions to see significant improvements in your skin. 

Let me help you with your melasma - please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

About Dr. Park Ji-Youn

Dr. Park Ji-Youn is the founder and managing director of the Ozhean group. As a board certified dermatologist, she has published more than 30 scientific papers on dermatology, and is the creator of Ozhean’s SKIN FIT program, which was conceived in 2015, and continues to successfully retain 80% of its original customers.


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